Spring Training will soon be over and then the games start to count for real. While the Diamondbacks have had a successful spring, you still have to wonder how much of this success will carry forward into the regular season. At the same time you have to wonder how many of the struggles that the Rockies, Padres, and Giants are facing are indications of the type of year that those teams will have. In the case of the Diamondbacks it is easy to start buying into the positive stories and press that the team is receiving. The young position players that the Diamondbacks have brought up through the system look ready for a full Major League season. That’s the thing about March; hope springs eternal in the spring. With the exception of maybe the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or the Washington Nationals you could make an argument that any of the other 28 teams could reach the post season. Last year the Florida Marlins with a miniscule payroll found themselves in contention for the National League Wild Card with less than a month left in the season. The Detroit Tigers showed that a team could go from challenging the 1962 Mets record for futility to win an American League pennant. The Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics show that building from within can produce a perennial winner and compete with the big market clubs so why can’t the Diamondbacks be the next Cinderella story?

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