It has been almost two weeks since my tickets arrived for Opening Day in Colorado against the Rockies. Trina was still not budging on her stance that I could not take the kids out of school to take them to a Diamondbacks game in Colorado when the team would be back in Phoenix just a week later. Fortunately for me my friend Mitch Jarvis was more than willing to drop everything he was doing and make the road trip to see the first regular season game in Sedona Red. Since we had the tickets and since it was only a week away I knew we probably needed a place to stay otherwise we would find ourselves camped out in the Coors Field parking lot and the last time I looked at the Weather Channel they were still saying there was a chance that there could be snow that weekend. Personally I think I have developed an allergy to snow since every time I am in it I end up getting sick. So I was all for finding somewhere nice to stay. My idea of roughing it is staying at a hotel where you have to go up or down the elevator to get ice. I have done my share of camping and outdoor stuff but this is baseball and you should be comfortable the night before Opening Day. I was in charge of finding our accommodations for the trip.

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