I have extensively chronicled my love/hate relationship with the Diamondbacks Sedona Red color change. I’ve vowed to give the new colors a chance and I have even purchased all 4 Authentic Diamondbacks jerseys for the upcoming season. Last night was the first Spring Training game held in Chase Field this year and of course I attended. I got off from work and rushed home to get dressed so that I could be down at the field by the time the gates opened. From my closet I grabbed a home jersey, a home hat, and my sweatshirt (I knew the Diamondbacks would be playing with the roof open and I wasn’t sure whether to expect the massive winds they were predicting or not and since the temperatures at game time were only 67 degrees I figured with a 20 mile an hour wind that would put the wind chill at a very brisk 63 degrees) and headed downstairs to begin packing my seat cushion. This was the old purple and teal seat cushion, not the new and improved Sedona Red and Black Seat Cushion 2.0 which is still in the prototype phase. Trina and the kids got home just as I was finishing. “Are you going to wear that to the game?” was the question I was greeted with by each one of them. Well that was kind of a dumb question, I nearly always wear an authentic jersey and hat to the games. Their initial question was followed up by, “But you’re wearing purple and teal. What is up with that?”

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