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While updating my Now Hitting web site I realized that I have somehow misplaced the results of the Diamondbacks 1998 Spring Training games. I have the schedule and I have the score cards from the game on February 27, 1998 in Tucson and the March 29, 1998 game at then Bank One Ballpark but the remaining games I don’t have results for. In the margins of one page I have written 16-15-1 as the record of the team but I can’t seem to find the individual game results. This of course is driving me insane (so many things seem to be in the driver’s seat for that journey). I figured the Diamondbacks web site would have to have that information wouldn’t they? Opening up my FireFox browser (you just have to love FireFox don’t you?) I surfed over to diamondbacks.com and began my research.

While trying to figure out where they may have stored this tidbit of useful information I noticed a large banner across the front page stating, “I Live for the Home Opener”. With a title like that you know I had to check it out. It seems that Major League Baseball is running a promotion for all of the teams where some lucky fans can win tickets to Opening Day and the opportunity to watch batting practice. That seemed like kind of a weird promotion. I mean who in their right mind is not going to Opening Day? I’ve already bought season tickets that included that game. And watching batting practice? All you need to do is show up when the gates of the stadium open and you are welcome to watch batting practice to your heart’s content. The conspiracy theorist in me says there has to be something more to this promotion than just that. Not wanting to be left out and never wanting to miss an opportunity to enter a drawing with the team I gladly entered my information and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the team will call me and invite me down to Chase Field on Monday April 9, 2007 to see the Diamondbacks play the Colorado Rockies. I just hope the call my cell phone because chances are I will be sitting in section 132 row 15 seat 14 when they call and I would hate to miss hearing the phone.

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