Happy Birthday Diamondbacks!

I still remember March 9, 1995 as if it happened yesterday. Residents of Phoenix and all of Arizona for that matter had heard that Major League Baseball was planning to announce two new expansion teams during their meetings in Palm Beach Florida. Rumors were that the Arizona group would be one of the cities chosen and they would unveil their team name, logo, and color scheme at that time. I was stuck at work and I would miss the live event. 1995 was the technology dark ages before the explosion of the Internet and Tivo meaning that I was literally cut off from the world. Trina was at home trying desperately to master the VCR to make it stop flashing midnight and record the announcement. My confidence level in her success was extremely slow which was why I was on the phone trying to walk her through the steps to record and as a last resort to have her do a play-by-play of the announcement.

So while I was stuck in a bomb shelter in Scottsdale working on a project for Motorola’s Space and Systems Technology Group Trina was in an apartment in Chandler Arizona a phone attached to her ear and a flashing VCR in front of her when the news began filtering in about the announcement by Major League Baseball. Trina turned up the volume so I could hear it over the phone and she would interject comments of what the picture was showing and her impressions of the team name, the logo, and the colors. When purple and teal were announced we immediately knew we had a winner. Having adopted the Colorado Rockies in 1993 in part because of their colors I had a new team to follow and this one had special meaning. I listened to Trina’s voice explain what I was missing. I now had a complete understanding of how someone who has lost their sight feels. I was on the edge of my seat as I tried to envision what she was telling me. The excitement in her voice brought the event to life for me. At that moment I was officially hooked as an Arizona Diamondbacks fan and who wouldn’t be? I was there at the birth of a franchise and over the following 12 years I have watched it grow and mature to what we see today. So on this special occasion we celebrated with a cake, candles and a special dinner to commemorate the birth of our child the Arizona Diamondbacks. Happy Birthday D-Backs, I hope we can spend many more of these together!

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