Have Tickets Will Travel

It was just four short days ago that I had ventured out of the friendly confines of diamondbacks.com and went to the darks side to the purple of coloradorockies.com. I have to admit, I miss the purple. The Rockies web site had no teal but they did have purple. It wasn’t the friendly “come sit by the pool we have in right field” purple the Diamondbacks used. It is more of a “we are a mile high and freezing cold and we rule because we are now the only team with purple” shade. Anyway, four days ago I went over to see about tickets to Opening Day against the Diamondbacks and found two tickets that were just begging to be bought. Today I went down to get the mail and found an envelope from the Rockies containing the two tickets I had purchased. I was so excited about it that I completely forgot that I hadn’t told Trina that I really was going to Opening Day in Colorado during the time that her family was coming to visit. Well that would be a dilemma for most married men but not me. Nope, I am so oblivious to what a normal husband would do that I’ll just continue on in my naive state thinking Trina will just understand. I mean seriously, wouldn’t we all be better off keeping me away from her family? I’m kind of like Drain-o. A little bit will remove clogs and get your pipes moving but if you poor a whole bottle of me down your sink I could destroy your pipes requiring massive amounts of plumbing expense and a visit from a really fat guy that has pants that are too small and doesn’t own a belt. I have no idea what that analogy means and quite frankly the thoughts of butt crack turn my stomach so I am not going to try and analyze what was meant by my statement. I think you get the point though that putting me in a room with in-laws for several days is a recipe for something explosive. Yeah I think it would be wise for me to be out of town if for no other reason than to try and save my marriage. Trina will buy that story won’t she?

So now I have two tickets to Coors Field on Monday April 2 the next logical step would be lodging right? Well it probably should have been my next step but it wasn’t. My next step was to go out to diamondbacks.com to check how the Diamondbacks in their game today. Oh well what do you know, they are playing the Colorado Rockies at Hi-Corbett Field in Tucson. If that is not an omen I don’t know what an omen is (and I don’t). Well as long as I am at the Diamondbacks web site I should probably go out and see if there is anything new at the virtual Team Shop. Hopefully they have gotten in their Sedona Red muck-luck boots and the matching Sonoran Sand mittens with the Sedona Red “D” logo embroidered on the back. I also surfed over to the Weather Channel to see what the extended forecast looks like. I was pretty irritated to find out that they will only predict the weather 10 days in advance. Is it just me or does it bother everyone that scientists can predict a temperature change of 0.3 degrees that can trigger global warming that will melt the polar ice caps but they can only tell me what the weather will be in Denver Colorado a week in advance? That seems kind of messed up and I made a mental note to myself to contact someone at the Global Warming Institute to see if they can use their powers for good instead of evil and give us some accurate weather predictions during baseball season because I have to admit that if global warming eliminates a potential rainout where I miss a game I may be ok with the greenhouse effect. Anyway, after a couple of hours surfing the Internet trying to find out if there really is a Global Warming Institute I decided that I probably should make some travel plans. I went to MapQuest and entered my home address and the address of Coors Field in Denver Colorado. Wow it is only 935.41 miles from my house, if I would have known that I would have gone to a lot more games. So now that I have directions to the ballpark and game tickets for Opening Day, all that is left is a place to stay. But I have all the important stuff done. I can always just sleep in the car Sunday night. As long as I am paying for game day parking I might as well get my money’s worth right?

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