It’s New Jersey in Arizona

This week has been an emotional roller coaster ride. I feel like I have just finished a marathon session on Space Mountain and I thought the ride was over. There were the tremendous lows associated with my tickets not arriving last Friday, Saturday and Monday. Then there was the meteoric high when my tickets arrived on Tuesday. Then there was the low that Spring Training is nearly over followed by the high that Opening Day is only 11 days away for the Diamondbacks. Then there was the low that the Diamondbacks would open on the road against Colorado only to be countered with the high that I got my tickets to Opening Day in Denver so I would still be there. Finally there was the low that I didn’t have the appropriate clothing to wear for Opening Day. It would just be embarrassing if I showed up to the party sporting a Purple and Teal jersey that said Diamondbacks across the front. I’ve seen how brutal those announcers are along the red carpet at the Academy Awards and I didn’t want them talking about me that way. No, something had to be done and there wasn’t much time to do it. I was going to need a new jersey to take with me on this road trip and it had to be authentic. There is nothing quite like putting on an authentic jersey with the patch on the sleeve and the buttons strategically placed around the team logo on the chest. Nothing quite like sliding that shirt on and looking in the mirror to assess how you look. If I thought I could get away with it I would wear Diamondbacks jerseys every day just to remind me what its like to be at a game. Trina of course doesn’t agree with that last part. She puts her foot down whenever I suggest going to an all jersey wardrobe. That’s why her actions were so inconceivable to me today.

As I got ready for work this morning Trina came to me holding a DHL package. “This came in the mail yesterday. I had forgotten I ordered it for your birthday when it didn’t arrive on time I did something else. So I guess you can just have this since you’ve been working so hard lately.” She said. I opened the package and removed the contents. There in my hands were two of the most beautiful jerseys I had ever seen. I have not been a big proponent of the Sedona Red but my thoughts changed when I saw the alternate Sunday Sedona Red jersey with “D-backs” across the front. It looked amazing. The “db” logo on the sleeve in the shape of a snake head really set it off. This may end up being my new favorite jersey. Underneath the Sedona Red jersey was the alternate Saturday Black jersey with the Sedona Red “A” logo emblazoned on the left breast. It had such a stealth look to it that it just oozed with attitude. It would be the perfect thing to wear when riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle or on those days when I just don’t want anyone messing with me. Adding the black hat pulled down on my forehead gave it instant toughness. Weekend games in Arizona are going to be awesome. Between the Black and the Sedona Red for Saturday and Sunday, the season is going to be pretty colorful. The only issue was that the backs looked pretty bare. The look of disappointment quickly faded when Trina suggested that we make a trip to downtown Phoenix tomorrow and visit the team shop. There she planned to have the jerseys personalized so that I would feel at home knowing they were mine. That roller coaster just took a big trip on the high track.

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  1. This is hilarious! I never thought there was anybody as stoked about getting the new stuff as I was.

    I, too, was ambivalent about the color change until i actually saw them in person. I like them all!

    I’m glad i ran into this, you’ve got a new regular reader!

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