Let the Games Begin

As I awoke this morning rays of sunshine made their way across the bedroom signaling the arrival of another day. It wasn’t just another day though, today is the beginning of Spring Training games in Arizona and Florida. While I will check the box scores from the Grapefruit League to see how players in Florida are doing; I am most interested in Cactus League action in Arizona. A lot of that has to do with the Arizona Diamondbacks training in Tucson coupled with the fact that I live in Arizona and have a vested interest in the outcomes of local games. I look forward to this day each year. It is a time of new beginnings, a time when hopes and expectations are at their highest. At no other point in the season do you feel more positive about your favorite team.

All teams at this moment have a chance at being better than any team in the history of the individual franchise. After today half the teams will be victorious while the other half will regroup. We’ll hear that you can’t put any credence into Spring Training results and players will tell us that the statistics for these games never make it to the back of their baseball cards so it doesn’t matter. No one will believe that of course. We’ll be too busy analyzing each players performance and trying to assess for ourselves if this is the year that so-and-so will have a break out season that will help propel our favorite team to the next level. The truth is, these games really don’t mean that much. The starters will play just a couple of innings just long enough to get a couple of at bats and brush away the cobwebs that the off-season has left. Playing time and stamina will progress slowly for the next four weeks with the hope that some momentum can be gained in time for Opening Day. Even if your favorite team flounders during March it will have no bearing on the regular season except maybe instilling a sense of caution that maybe this year will be a rollercoaster of ups and downs and at the end your team can hope to improve from a year ago. Personally, I am just glad baseball is being played no matter what the outcome it will give me a chance to bask in the sun at a ballpark knowing that winter is finally over.

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