My Purple Experience

I have extensively chronicled my love/hate relationship with the Diamondbacks Sedona Red color change. I’ve vowed to give the new colors a chance and I have even purchased all 4 Authentic Diamondbacks jerseys for the upcoming season. Last night was the first Spring Training game held in Chase Field this year and of course I attended. I got off from work and rushed home to get dressed so that I could be down at the field by the time the gates opened. From my closet I grabbed a home jersey, a home hat, and my sweatshirt (I knew the Diamondbacks would be playing with the roof open and I wasn’t sure whether to expect the massive winds they were predicting or not and since the temperatures at game time were only 67 degrees I figured with a 20 mile an hour wind that would put the wind chill at a very brisk 63 degrees) and headed downstairs to begin packing my seat cushion. This was the old purple and teal seat cushion, not the new and improved Sedona Red and Black Seat Cushion 2.0 which is still in the prototype phase. Trina and the kids got home just as I was finishing. “Are you going to wear that to the game?” was the question I was greeted with by each one of them. Well that was kind of a dumb question, I nearly always wear an authentic jersey and hat to the games. Their initial question was followed up by, “But you’re wearing purple and teal. What is up with that?”

Today is March 30 meaning yesterday was March 29. Based on every calendar I have in the house that meant that we were still in the season of spring. The season of regular season doesn’t start until the baseball equinox which this year falls on April 1 in St. Louis and April 2 in other parts of the country. I blame global warming for the discrepancy. Since we are still in the season of spring; that meant that the Diamondbacks had not officially entered into the Sedona Red era. Oh sure the Diamondbacks did have the Sedona Red batting practice/Spring Training jersey and hat but I don’t classify those as official since the results of the games don’t count when they are wearing those. And since I don’t own the batting practice jersey or hat I couldn’t wear them if I wanted to. Basically I was caught in a fashion loophole. I couldn’t very well show up to the game wearing the regular season uniforms that have not officially been in a game yet. That could cause a tear in the whole time space continuum and I could not be held accountable for that. I had no other choice but to wear the tried and true purple and teal. Besides, I have seen enough episodes of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” to know that you never want your apparel to clash with your seat cushion. That is just wrong.

Whitney and I went down to Chase Field. I had on last seasons fashions while Whitney doesn’t even own a piece of Diamondbacks gear. When we entered the stadium and I saw how much Sedona Red there was around the ballpark I began to feel slightly self-conscious. I should note that I have never been accused of being a clothes horse nor am I typically on speaking terms with the fashion police so when I say I was feeling self-conscious I mean I felt really out of place. As we walked around the concourse I tried to gauge how many of the fans came to the game wearing the traditional purple and teal. It was not many. If the crowd at Chase Field is any indication then the color change is a profound success since the Sedona Red crowd seriously outnumbered the purple crowd. We completed our loop of the stadium and were walking back towards the main team shop. Above the team shop is the office of Derrick Hall, President of the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have had an opportunity to meet Mr. Hall and we exchange email messages quite often (this is code for I bombard him and his staff with questions on about anything that comes to mind. I do want to emphasize that he is very generous with his time in answering what to him probably seem like insane questions and information requests) so we do know each other by sight. As I was walking the concourse I happened to look up and Mr. Hall was in a meeting in his office with several gentlemen. We just happened to both look up at the same time and he smiled and waved. I waved in return. He then pointed at my hat and jersey and shook his head then shrugged his shoulders. I wondered whether Trina has sent him a message telling him to give me grief about what I was wearing. I am sure that probably was not the case and that I was now suffering from a case of purple paranoia. Still I thought it might be best if I limited my interaction with the Sedona Red people in case I may be contagious.

At the conclusion of Whitney’s participation in the hot dog races, I decided to reward her with something from the team shop. We went up to see what they may have that she would like. As we were browsing I happened to find a black hooded sweatshirt with the Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand “d-backs” logo across the front. They only had one in size large and I wondered whether I should get it. Whitney reminded me that the Weather Channel web page said that it was to be 40 and snowing in Denver today and that Monday’s forecast was still for highs in the low 60’s. That was a good point, the last thing I needed was to show up to Opening Day at Coors Field finally wearing my Sedona Red gear only to have my hands and head turn purple and teal from the cold. That would be bad. I picked up the sweatshirt along with a Sedona Red T-shirt for Whitney and we went to the cashier. I handed him the merchandise and he rang it up. While I was retrieving my credit card the cashier looked at my purple and teal hat and jersey and asked if I would like him to cut off the tags from the sweat shirt to wear right now. I thanked him but said no he could just put it in a bag. Since this sweatshirt was for my Colorado trip I didn’t see a need. He again looked at my purple and teal apparel and almost pleaded that I let him cut out the tags so that I could wear it right then. Was this just coincidence or was this yet another outbreak of purple paranoia? One thing was certain, before the next Spring Training game on Saturday March 31 I was definitely going to need something black and Sedona Red if I was going to get over this. I’ll just tell Trina that I HAD to buy another shirt before I was ostracized from the Diamondbacks community. Yeah, I think the next trip to the team shop can definitely be blamed on peer pressure. That just might work.

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