Taking the Day Off

Usually there are one or maybe two days during Spring Training when a team does not have a game. For the Arizona Diamondbacks that anomaly occurs today. From a fan’s perspective, this is a brutal day to endure. After being without baseball for one-third of a year we are being asked to please do without it for another day. That is like asking someone to please stop breathing for one-third of the day or roughly 8 hours. Have you ever tried to hold your breath for 8 hours? I did, once. As a kid at one time or another we have threatened to hold our breath if we didn’t get our way. Little did I realize that the body just will not allow that to happen. Even if I had successfully held my breath until I passed out, my body would immediately take over to preserve life and begin breathing involuntarily while you are unconscious. It’s the same thing with baseball.

The schedule can say that today is an off day and we can attempt to go a whole day without baseball interrupting our lives but ultimately we lose consciousness and the body takes over to make sure that it gets what it needs to survive. In my case several things happened to preserve life. First I am still working on the NowHitting web site so even if I wanted to get away from baseball I am surrounded by it. When Trina finally pulls me away from the computer baseball still seems to find me. All around town in nearly every store you go to there is some indication that baseball is occurring. Whether it is the Cactus League T-shirts or the countless cars with license plates from the Midwest states filled with sunburned fans who forgot their sunscreen. And we can’t forget the ever present ESPN with the crawling scoreboard at the bottom that gives you updates to scores and vital statistics from the games being played in the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues. I feel much better knowing that even if I should somehow lose my mind and try to eliminate baseball from my life, my body will never let that happen. In the long run the preservation of life is what is most important and as we all know baseball is life.

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