The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

I found it very difficult to sleep last night. I must have woken up nearly every half hour. I would roll over and look at the clock only to realize that morning was still hours away. According to astrophysicists and others in the scientific community the shortest day of the year and hence the longest night of the year always occurs at the winter solstice which typically occurs in the third week of December. Given the way this night has been I would have to disagree with these scientific minds, tonight is definitely the longest night I have ever had to endure. I am thinking maybe global warming has caused the seasons and the earths orbit around the sun to somehow drift to the point where tonight is when we must endure the endless night. Of course there may be another much simpler explanation; it may just be that I am too excited to sleep knowing what lies ahead for me once daylight arrives.

It all started 4 or 5 days ago when I went down to the mailbox and found a Sedona Red and white postcard from home. By home I mean Chase Field of course. On the front of the card it showed a black and white photo of the playing field taken from the upper deck. Across the bottom is listed



I have no idea what that means. To be honest I was much more interested in trying to figure out what game that picture was taken at. I spent the next hour wandering the house looking for a magnifying glass to see if I could enlarge the picture and read the names of the players on the line-up boards in left and right field. I figured from there I could probable determine who the starting pitchers were and then I could search through the scorebooks that I have to see when we were playing that team with that line-up. I showed the photo to Trina and explained my plan since I was kind of proud of myself for thinking of that. She just stared blankly at me and said, “You really need to get a life, it is not that important.” Well that kind of put a damper on my enthusiasm and I figured I would put the card aside until after Trina went to bed then I would go find the magnifying glass. It was about that point that I realized that I hadn’t even looked at the black of the card. There in white letters on a Sedona Red background was written,

Dear Season Ticket Holder –

Opening Day is just around the corner at Chase Field, and your 2007 season tickets are being printed and prepared for delivery. The ticket delivery process will be as follows:

  • Tickets will be delivered Priority Mail via the US Postal Service.
  • Delivery attempt will be anytime on Friday, March 16 or Saturday, March 17 with you’re your regular mail delivery.
  • Tickets cannot be forwarded or redirected to another address.
  • Tickets not delivered by Saturday will be available at your local Post Office beginning Monday, March 19.
  • Tickets not picket up at the Post Office by Thursday, March 22 will be sent to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • Tickets will be available for pick up by the permanent rights holder or by the contact name on the account at the Chase Field Ticket Office beginning Tuesday, March 27 from 9am to 5pm.

Picture ID and signature will be required at Chase Field

For more information, call Season Ticket Services at (602) 514.4444.

Armed with this information I rushed to the calendar and marked Friday with a big Sedona Red star. I interrogated each of the kids and Trina to see who was going to be home to sign for the tickets. I was assured that everyone was going to be home since it was spring break. I didn’t want to take any chances though so I was going to stay home that day just in case. The family would have to understand wouldn’t they? Sure we had things going on this morning but in my mind this was much too important to leave to one of the kids to do. Trina felt I was being overly concerned. I don’t think she understood the importance of this. I tried to think of something that she felt strongly about making sure I was there to witness. I know, it is an awful lot like child birth. She always insisted I was in the delivery room with her so I went. Well that was just seeing kids being born and didn’t have anything to do with baseball so this is orders of magnitude more important that I attend. (Important Safety Note: Never under any circumstance should you suggest to your wife that being home to pick up season tickets is more important than joining her in the delivery room for the birth of a child. Failure to heed this safety notice could cause severe physical harm or possibly death.)

As Friday arrived I was eager to see the mailman stop in front of the house and bring me the bundle of joy I had so eagerly anticipated. With each sound of a car I would run to the front window hoping and praying. As each vehicle went past our house without stopping I stood at the door dejected. As the sun began to set so did my enthusiasm. March 16 had come and gone and I was still ticketless. So here we are on Saturday and I am pacing back and forth in front of the window watching for the mail truck to drive by. Trina attempted to explain that in the 13 years we have lived here the mail has never arrived at 5:30 AM but I didn’t want to take any chances. I decided it would probably be best to wait and shower and get dressed after the tickets arrived. I could never live with myself if I was in the shower and missed the doorbell ringing. Thinking back I should have probably gotten in the shower since it seems like whenever I shower either the doorbell or telephone will ring requiring me to get out of the shower to answer.

I sat and I paced. Trina and the kids would wander through the living room where I was pacing in my pajamas stopping every so often to look at my watch and mutter; “Dang!” then go back to pacing. I overheard Whitney and Dakota talking where they compared me to Doc Brown in Back to the Future as he waited for Marty McFly to return from the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance before lightning struck the clock tower. I don’t know where they come up with these crazy observations. So I paced, I muttered, and I waited. The waiting was pure torture. I didn’t dare do anything for fear of missing the delivery. I was like a puppy sitting at the door waiting for his owner to come home and give him some attention. Trina and the kids began to feel sorry for me and they would at least bring food to the front door since they could not get me to leave my vigil. Dakota went out to play this afternoon. He was running around the neighborhood without a care in the world. He and his friends were riding bicycles, climbing trees, playing pirates, and just enjoying the sunny day. All the while I sat in the house watching the street looking up and down to see if a postal service car would soon arrive. While Dakota was out, he went down to the mailbox to retrieve its contents. He walked into the front door carrying a hand full of mail. How could that be? I had been watching each car go by and none of them stopped to bring me my tickets. Dakota handed me the mail with fear in his eyes. The kind of fear a person gets when they try to feed the lion at the zoo and get just a little too close for comfort. I looked at each envelope tossing any and all aside that did not have Sedona Red on them. The tickets were not there. How in the world could they not be there? The Diamondbacks promised, they promised. Heartbroken, I made my way upstairs to shower and get dressed. I am not sure why, there is nothing for me to look forward to for the rest of this day anyway.

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  1. They’re Here! They’re Here!

    Four long days and even longer nights I have been patiently waiting for the delivery of my 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks season tickets. Well maybe patiently should not be the adjective I should use. The saga began on Friday March 16…

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