Welcome to the Team

When outfielder Scott Hairston arrived in the clubhouse at Tucson Electric Park this morning he was summoned to manager Bob Melvin’s office. This was an all too familiar trek for Hairston as he had made that same walk each of the three previous years during this week only to be told that he would not be making the trip with the Diamondbacks to Phoenix and he would be sent to the minors to work on some aspect of his game. That news would always be followed by a pep talk where he would be told how he should keep his head up and not let this news get him down. He was still a highly valued part of the organization and that with hard work he would be given a chance to make the team. Scott would be told that over the course of the season things happen and if he would stay prepared he could find himself playing for the Diamondbacks during the year. All those things are meant to put a young player’s mind at ease and minimize the disappointment they feel when they didn’t make the team. On paper it all sounds good but in practice it’s never easy. So it was understandable that Hairston was nervous making that familiar trip into the office where the door would be closed and news delivered. This year was different. Melvin didn’t greet him with a stern face but instead was all smiles. For the first time in his career Scott Hairston would begin the season on the opening day roster for a Major League baseball team.

To say Hairston was excited would be an understatement. Through the joy though you could also tell this was just a first step for Scott Hairston. He would not and should not be content in being just a member of the team. He will want to be a starter and contributing. It is that desire and his work ethic that will pay dividends to Scott Hairston and make him a fixture at the Major League level. Proof of that would come just a few short hours later when Hairston took the field against the Colorado Rockies in a perfect game for hitters with the wind blowing out. Scott took full advantage of those circumstances and continued his hot hitting that he has enjoyed all spring. Hairston hit three home runs in three consecutive innings to lead the Diamondbacks over the Colorado Rockies.

If I had known Scotty Hairston would have responded like that I would have waited until Opening Day to tell him he was on the club. That was pretty impressive wind blowing out or not. Smokes a ball to right-center field, left, the second one the wind helped it, but the third one goes out of Yellowstone.
Manager Bob Melvin

Of all the days that Scott Hairston has had as a professional baseball player, today probably marked very highly as being one of his best. He has toiled in the minor leagues and paid his dues to get to this point. He’ll savor the news of making the team and his accomplishments in the game today but shortly thereafter they will become distant memories as he looks forward to what he has to do now that he is a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Hopefully this new chapter in his life includes staying healthy during the season and putting up the numbers that everyone is confident that he can.

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