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State of the Home Stand Address – April 24 – 29

Yesterday marked the end of the second home stand of the 2007 season for the Arizona Diamondbacks. As I previously promised I will try to provide a synopsis of each home stand. This will act as my own personal barometer of how the stadium, team, and season are going. Before we begin let me again reiterate the standard warning/disclaimer that the views expressed in this blog are my own personal views and do not represent the views of any factual...

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Books, Bikes, and Baseball

There were activities for everyone at today’s game. It was Family Emergency Preparedness day with exhibits set up on the plaza to teach you how to keep your family safe. It was Bike to Chase day where families could ride bicycles to the ballpark to teach you about bike safety and give everyone an opportunity to get a little bit of exercise. Once you entered the stadium they had Diamondbacks Sportscaster and former Major League Baseball...

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Birthday Party Fun

Technically yesterday was Dakota’s birthday but plans had already been put into motion to allow him to have a birthday party today. It’s interesting how children’s birthday parties have changed over the years. I remember when I was a kid, a birthday party consisted of cupcakes, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and strange hats and noise makers that always seem to get broken as soon as you got home (I think parents broke these on...

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Me and My Son

This is a very special date in my life. In the year 1 BD (Before Diamondbacks – I have decided that starting at this point on I will refer to all dates as occurring either before the Diamondbacks began playing or after the team first took the field in 1998) I was recovering from my second reconstructive shoulder surgery. My shoulder had been suffering from bilateral instability and I had a torn rotator cuff and labrum. After the surgery I...

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Pinewood Derby

Since he was eight, Dakota has been actively participating in the Cub Scouts. I think that is a good thing as the scouting program has a lot of values that I happen to agree with. Besides, where else do you get to turn boys loose with knives, fires, and camping without having some kind of police intervention? So based upon that I think scouting and in particular the Cub Scouts are good for a growing boy. They teach commitment and life skills...

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The Luckiest Day in the World

After last night’s experience at the ballpark it is hard to imagine anything was going to compare. I guess that means I have a limited imagination (which is something I have never been accused of having). Tonight I was taking Dakota to the game with me. In an odd scheduling anomaly Dakota somehow got tagged with tickets to last night in the pool, tonight, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It wasn’t that either of us was complaining...

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Float or Sink

I was sitting at my desk pondering the environmental implications of baseball when my cell phone rang. Absently I reached over and answered it. “Hello? Is this Jeff Summers?” the caller asked. “Yes, this is Jeff.” I replied. “This is Carrie from the Arizona Diamondbacks and I am calling to ask if you would be interested in 4 tickets to tonight’s game?” she questioned. Now anyone who knows me should...

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Media Guide

Every year I eagerly await the Arizona Diamondbacks creating their media guide. The media guide is perhaps the most under-rated communications tool that a team produces. Its audience is the press who cover the team. Within its covers are facts and figures on every player on the roster, results from years past, and pieces of trivia that would easily make you the most popular guy at a party. Getting your hands on a media guide can sometimes be a...

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Earth Day Baseball Style

Is it just me or does it seem like the whole world has suddenly gone crazy for environmental consciousness all of a sudden? We’ve been warned about global warming for the past 20 years and environmental groups such as Green Peace and The Nature Conservancy have been around for around 50 years. It used to be that those groups were thought of as splinter groups that in no way represented the mainstream of society. Lately though that has...

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