Opening Day

Mitch had set his alarm for 7:30 AM but it was hardly needed. I was wide awake by 5:00 AM and sleep was the farthest thing from my mind. I had gotten up, showered and dressed waiting for the day to unfold. I went downstairs to the lobby to look around while waiting for Mitch. In the lobby I saw Conor Jackson who looked fairly involved in his mental preparation before going to the ballpark. By 10:00 AM I couldn’t stand it any more, I just had to go to the ballpark. It was Opening Day, there had to be a swarm of activity around the stadium. I was so excited for this day and this game that I thought about little else. For example, Mitch reminded me that since we left yesterday morning at 6:30 AM the only times we had eaten was when he begged me to stop. With all the adrenaline my body was producing I hadn’t stopped to eat. I assured Mitch that there would be somewhere to eat around Coors Field (I was just guessing at that since I had never been there before) and that we could eat after we get there. Besides, the gates would be opening in 2 ½ hours so we could always get something inside the stadium. Coors Field was only 6 blocks from our hotel making the walk fairly short. I hadn’t gotten directions of which direction the stadium was from our hotel and at first was concerned we would go in the opposite direction. I had nothing to fear though. Down on the street there were Rockies fans who also wanted to be at the game early and we just followed them to Blake Street. There rising about the historical buildings was Coors Field. Inside the iron gates held the dreams of thousands of baseball fans. Inside would be the first game of the 2007 season.

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