After the frustrating last two games in Colorado, I am sure the Diamondbacks were as anxious to get out of Denver as I was. Tuesday’s game was a heart breaker. After the late inning heroics of Stephen Drew in the eleventh gave the Diamondbacks the lead, we saw it evaporate in the bottom of the inning on a blown save by the “big potato” Jose Valverde. (For those who don’t know, Valverde was given the nickname Papa Grande by former announcer Jim Traber who obviously didn’t know the Spanish language. He thought the nickname meant big daddy but instead it translates to big pope or in other translations means large potato which doesn’t have quite the same feel to it.) So whenever Valverde enters the game with a tight score, my kids immediately begin to worry that Mr. Potatohead is going to blow the game (Tuesday was a prime example of the kids’ fears). And while Tuesday’s loss was frustrating, yesterdays was even worse. We’ve been told on several occasions how Doug Davis’ stats are nearly identical to those of Barry Zito. Perhaps they meant Harry Zito who used to work in Pikes Market in Seattle throwing fish. Davis looked a little like a fish out of water in his Diamondbacks debut. Couple his wildness with the J’D. Durbin hit parade and it was a really long two days. I was reminded last night of the parting words I heard from Irene the usher at Coors Field. After Monday’s game we went down to the Diamondbacks dugout. I was hoping to get a couple of pictures or maybe a baseball for Dakota. Irene was the keeper of the section. Her job was to make sure that riff-raff like me stayed away from the dugout. She was sweet and reminded me of my grandmother. She initially stopped me and we began talking. I told her this was my first trip to Coors Field. She asked how I liked their stadium and the game. Since the Diamondbacks had just won, I liked it a lot. She cautiously looked around then in a hushed voice she said, “well we let the Diamondbacks win today just for you. Since you are leaving town after this game I guess I can let you in on a little secret, we are going to kill you guys the next 2 games.” If I were a conspiracy theorist, I may have turned that into a whole month of blog entries stating that baseball is fixed and Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame because he was about to go public with this information when Bart Giamatti silenced him with a lifetime ban. But that’s a subject best left to another day. There are other supernatural forces at work here that are a bit more pressing.

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