It seems like only last week I was excitedly talking about Opening Day and the beginning of baseball. Oh wait, that was just last week.

I wondered whether the Diamondbacks Home Opener would be diluted or less exciting because I had attended Opening Day in Colorado. Just as soon as I asked that question of myself I immediately began to laugh. That has to be the stupidest question I have ever asked myself and I have asked a lot of stupid questions.

I’ve never been to a Diamondbacks game that I wasn’t excited. In fact, I have never had a dream about going to an Arizona Diamondbacks game where I wasn’t excited.

Excitement level is probably not something I need to be worried about. I had more important and pressing things on my mind. It seems that all the clocks in my house are broken. There is no other explanation for why time has moved so slowly today.

We had planned to leave our house just before 4 PM and yet the hands on the analog clocks didn’t seem to move at all. I sat and stared at my watch for what I thought was 5 minutes and yet it only showed that 1 minute had gone by. At this rate I didn’t think I would ever live to see 4 PM.

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