At the conclusion of the 2006 regular season the Arizona Diamondbacks began to make plans for the next year. This would not be a normal year where there would be a few tweaks to an already established product. No this would be almost a rebirth as the team attempts to redefine itself through new ownership, new colors, new players, and hopefully a new direction in the standings. We began to see the changes on November 8 when the team unveiled their new logos and colors at the Valley Ho resort. As Spring Training arrived we saw more and more changes become visible furthering the transformation. At the beginning of April we saw another change this one to the publications that the Arizona Diamondbacks produce for their fans. Gone is the old Diamondbacks Magazine and in its place is the new D-backs Insider magazine. This publication is designed to give the fans a look within the organization and its players. As a season ticket holder I receive a free subscription to this magazine but would gladly pay for it as it usually has great stories that you can’t find anywhere else.

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