Is it just me or does it seem like the whole world has suddenly gone crazy for environmental consciousness all of a sudden? We’ve been warned about global warming for the past 20 years and environmental groups such as Green Peace and The Nature Conservancy have been around for around 50 years. It used to be that those groups were thought of as splinter groups that in no way represented the mainstream of society. Lately though that has changed and you can’t go anywhere without someone uttering the phrase “carbon footprint” or somehow measuring the environmental costs of a policy decision. At first I blamed Al Gore. Since inventing the Internet then losing the presidency Mr. Gore has become spokesman for the planet making appearances, writing books, and now making a movie about the dangers our environment faces. I have to give the guy credit. He has at least found something to do since losing his government job. I just wish he would have put his powers to work for good instead of evil. Don’t get me wrong, I think protecting the planet is great and everyone should do their part. It is just that we have other issues that are even more pressing that deserves our full attention.

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