After last night’s experience at the ballpark it is hard to imagine anything was going to compare. I guess that means I have a limited imagination (which is something I have never been accused of having). Tonight I was taking Dakota to the game with me. In an odd scheduling anomaly Dakota somehow got tagged with tickets to last night in the pool, tonight, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It wasn’t that either of us was complaining about it, it just seemed kind of odd that he got so many games in this home stand. Usually he is begging and pleading for an extra game here and there but this year he has gone to a lot of games already. At the first game I took him to he signed up for the new Kids Club fan loyalty program. Prizes are awarded at various levels when kids attend a certain number of games. The highest prize level is for attending 20 games. Based on Dakota’s attendance so far this season, he is going to go past that level around the middle of May. Looking at the expressions on the faces of the people working at the prize redemption center I am not sure they anticipated a kid being this dedicated or attending that many games. Now normally I love having Dakota go to the games with me but this year not so much.

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