Technically yesterday was Dakota’s birthday but plans had already been put into motion to allow him to have a birthday party today. It’s interesting how children’s birthday parties have changed over the years. I remember when I was a kid, a birthday party consisted of cupcakes, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and strange hats and noise makers that always seem to get broken as soon as you got home (I think parents broke these on purpose to save their sanity). Now though birthday parties have become events of a grand scale. There are businesses that have sprung up just to cater to this market. Places like Amazing Jakes, Game On, Makutu’s Island offer entire entertainment and party packages where kids can go and celebrate their special day. There are activity centers, games, music, themed rooms and music to provide the party with the appropriate ambiance. I don’t remember this much planning going into my wedding let alone a birthday party. So when Dakota’s special day was approaching I was never more grateful to his commitment to the Arizona Diamondbacks. I mean what do these other party centers have over Chase Field?

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