Birthday Party Fun

Technically yesterday was Dakota’s birthday but plans had already been put into motion to allow him to have a birthday party today. It’s interesting how children’s birthday parties have changed over the years. I remember when I was a kid, a birthday party consisted of cupcakes, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, and strange hats and noise makers that always seem to get broken as soon as you got home (I think parents broke these on purpose to save their sanity). Now though birthday parties have become events of a grand scale. There are businesses that have sprung up just to cater to this market. Places like Amazing Jakes, Game On, Makutu’s Island offer entire entertainment and party packages where kids can go and celebrate their special day. There are activity centers, games, music, themed rooms and music to provide the party with the appropriate ambiance. I don’t remember this much planning going into my wedding let alone a birthday party. So when Dakota’s special day was approaching I was never more grateful to his commitment to the Arizona Diamondbacks. I mean what do these other party centers have over Chase Field?

Looking over the offerings each of these party destinations offer I think Chase Field ranks right up there with the best of them. For example:

Themed Music

The Arizona Diamondbacks always offer music before the game starts. There is the JumboTron montage welcoming fans that features Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Karn Evil then there is the roof opening music that was specifically composed for then Bank One Ballpark. I can almost guarantee that Amazing Jakes doesn’t have special music that will make the top of their building roll off. I think this category definitely goes advantage Chase Field.

Accommodates Large Groups

One of the great selling points to having your child’s birthday party at one of these centers is that you don’t have to worry about everyone being cramped in your kitchen or backyard. The kids have adequate space to run around without having to worry about lamps being knocked off your table or kids causing plumbing issues because they flushed a potato down the toilet (maybe this is just an issue in Idaho, I don’t know). At Chase Field you can have a party for up to 48,500 people and have them seated comfortably. I know Dakota is a popular kid but even he doesn’t have that many friends. I have to admit the thought crossed his mind to stand at the front gates and tell everyone it was his birthday. His hope was that they would congratulate him and give him a dollar. If the game happened to be a sell-out he would be sitting on a cool $48,500. I would challenge anyone to bring 48,500 people to Game On and see how comfortable that would be. Again I would think this category goes advantage Chase Field.


Gone are the days where kids could be entertained by being blindfolded, spun around, and given a tail with a nail in the end to stick to the rear of a donkey. Well those days are gone unless you are in college at a frat party along with large amounts of alcohol, sorority girls and farm animals. Now kids expect to be entertained with high energy activities such as inflatable toys, celebrities (who have not been guests of Jerry Springer), and electronic consoles. Parties are not an hour activity but rather day events. At Chase Field you can see celebrities and interact with professional athletes. There are wiffleball fields in the upper deck and video games beyond centerfield. There is even a swimming pool beyond the right field fence so there is a little something for everyone. This one would definitely go advantage Chase Field.

Themed Food

When I was a kid you got a half a bologna sandwich and a cupcake when you went to a party. That has been replaced by gourmet pizza, kid sushi, and various pastries. A kid’s palette has definitely expanded as the years have gone on. At Chase Field the options seem nearly endless. For Dakota and his friends they went with the “Big Dawg” foot-long hot dog fixed Chicago style. That hot dog was nearly as big as Dakota but he finished it off. It was like watching a sword swallower at the circus. One thing about it, they weren’t hungry for the rest of the night after eating those dogs. Chalk up another win for Chase Field

Goodie Bags

It seems that the guests invited to a birthday party expect something in return. Gifts were brought for the birthday boy but in exchange there should be bags filled with goodies and trinkets that the party guests can take home to remember their time at the party. Mostly these goodie bags consist of small packages of candy whose contents could induce a sugar coma along with plastic toys that look as though they had come out of a gumball vending machine. Oh how things are different compared to Chase Field. As we entered the stadium each boy was given an Orlando Hudson Golden Glove Bobble Head doll. After this the boys were taken to Section 139 where they signed up for the Kid’s Club. By running their card and their game ticket they earned 100 points towards valuable prizes. The first prize was temporary tattoos something every mother wants for their son. This would definitely be advantage Chase Field.

Quite honestly there is nothing that these other birthday entertainment palaces that could do that would be better than what could be had at Chase Field. It is incomprehensible to me why anyone would not choose Chase Field as the premier destination for birthday parties for kids. This seems like such an easy solution for kids of all ages.

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