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At the conclusion of the 2006 regular season the Arizona Diamondbacks began to make plans for the next year. This would not be a normal year where there would be a few tweaks to an already established product. No this would be almost a rebirth as the team attempts to redefine itself through new ownership, new colors, new players, and hopefully a new direction in the standings. We began to see the changes on November 8 when the team unveiled their new logos and colors at the Valley Ho resort. As Spring Training arrived we saw more and more changes become visible furthering the transformation. At the beginning of April we saw another change this one to the publications that the Arizona Diamondbacks produce for their fans. Gone is the old Diamondbacks Magazine and in its place is the new D-backs Insider magazine. This publication is designed to give the fans a look within the organization and its players. As a season ticket holder I receive a free subscription to this magazine but would gladly pay for it as it usually has great stories that you can’t find anywhere else.

During this past off season I had an opportunity to meet Director of Publications for the Arizona Diamondbacks Greg Salvatore. During that meeting Greg discussed some of his ideas for D-Backs Insider. I came away very excited to see the new publication. As always I had a ton of questions and lots of comments (I just can’t seem to leave anything alone and must get involved offering changes and adaptations). Greg has been very patient and willing to listen to the voice of the fans (even those fans that are well beyond left field in their thought processes) and I had no doubt that the magazine would be a success. I was told that the first issue would be produced in time for Opening Day so I eagerly awaited the finished product.

On March 9 I was getting ready to go to a Spring Training game in Tempe to see the San Diego Padres play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It is tradition at our house to go to a game on March 9. Partly to celebrate the birthday of the Arizona Diamondbacks and partly to celebrate my birthday (even at birth I am connected to the team). I checked my email that morning as I looked at the weather to see what we should expect at the game. There in my in-box was a message from Greg asking if I would be willing to talk to him about a piece they were doing for the April issue of D-backs Insider. I gladly accepted and gave him my cell phone number so we could talk while I was going to the game. When he called, Greg explained that they would have a new section in the magazine called Etcetera. In there they would highlight different parts of the game. One of the things they would feature was something called ClickPicks that would showcase web sites devoted to the Diamondbacks. Since I happened to have a few of those I thought maybe Greg was looking for a list of potential candidates. Instead he was calling to interview me for NowHitting and Diary of a Diehard. We spoke that day on the work involved on these two sites and why I created them. The conversation lasted only long enough for me to get to Tempe Diablo Stadium. I hung up the phone and just shook my head. Never in a million years would I have anticipated getting up that morning and being interviewed for inclusion in a magazine. It just goes to show how unpredictable life can be.

On Opening Day at Chase Field I entered the stadium and purchased a program. I do this every home stand so that I have the line-up cards for the teams we will be playing to use when I keep score. I typically will take the scorecard out of the magazine then take the magazine home to read more thoroughly. This time though I suggested to Trina that she might want to thumb through the magazine and see if anything caught her eye. So while we were sitting in our seats watching batting practice Trina quietly looked through D-backs Insider. When she got to page 60 she stopped. On the bottom of the page were two screen shots of web sites. She commented that they looked an awful lot like my web pages. At the top of the page in black and Sedona Red were the addresses www.NowHitting.com and www.DiaryDiehard.com. All of a sudden she was very interested in the magazine and in this story in particular. Somewhere in the fourth or fifth paragraph she squealed and shouted “Hey my name is in the Diamondbacks magazine! Wait until all of my friends see this!” Lost somewhere was the fact that this story talked about web pages and the work I had put in to update them to Sedona Red. This was now a story about Trina and how she had to put up with a guy obsessed with the Diamondbacks and computers. I never did get to read the article from that magazine. The D-backs Insider went from the ballpark to the school where Trina teaches. She passed it around to the faculty and tried to explain the concept behind the web sites. Trina explaining web design and content is kind of like my 9-year old son discussing the merits of Quantum Physics and its value to space exploration. Nonetheless she has become a minor celebrity at school and her teacher friends now look to her for technical advice on the Internet (this should frighten every person who has a child in public school that my wife is the technical adviser to anything). Greg Salvatore was gracious enough to send me a couple of extra copies so that I could at least read one. I just had to make sure I got to the mailbox first otherwise my copy of D-backs Insider would have gone to Idaho or Utah to Trina’s family and friends.

So if you happen to get a copy of D-backs Insider check out ClickPicks on page 60 for a brief description of this blog and the accompanying NowHitting web site. Trina can be made available to sign copies of the magazine and can explain any technical aspects that went into buildings them.


  1. For those of you interested in subscribing to D-backs Insider magazine, you can request it through the Diamondbacks web site at https://secure.mlb.com/ari/fan_forum/publications.jsp

  2. Justin

    How do you advertise in this magazine? please send me an email if you know.


  3. Looking at the masthead of the magazine, I think it would be possible to talk to the Diamondbacks directly about advertising by sending a request to magazine@dbacks.com.

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