It’s What Makes Time Travel Possible

In the movie Back to the Future it seems that November 5, 1955 is the center of the time space continuum. All events future and past all seem to be connected by that one day. It started innocently enough when Doc Brown was describing to Marty McFly how the DeLoren time machine works. That tutorial was cut short when Libyans arrived at the Twin Pines Mall seeking vengeance against Doc Brown for stealing their plutonium. This sequence always made me wonder whether a simple somewhat trivial event in my life could somehow become the defining moment in the timeline of the universe. Based upon the events of today, I am wondering if April 14, 2007 may just be that day.

Like Marty McFly, my day started off with being woken from a deep sleep to be reminded of an appointment. Mine came from Trina who violently shook me to get my attention that I needed to drop her and Dakota off at 5:45 AM so that they could get a ride to an out-of-town soccer tournament Dakota is playing in this weekend. I rolled out of bed and grabbed a classic Diamondbacks hat (purple and teal) and threw on my Tevas. Trina just shook her head when she saw that I would be taking them in my Diamondbacks pajamas but since she really didn’t want to wait for me to change clothes she kept silent. After dropping the two of them off I noticed that I was nearly out of gas so I stopped by the local Circle-K (sponsor of the Arizona Diamondbacks strike-out meter and keeper of the ThirstBuster where fans are given a free drink when Diamondbacks pitchers record 2 or more strike-outs in a game) and filled up my tank. The price of gas has continued to climb and now is quickly approaching the same price as half a beer at Chase Field.

After getting gas I got home to find that my daughter Whitney was now up and needed a ride to the Phoenix capitol building. She is participating in the Arizona State National History Day competition with the winner advancing to the national competition in Washington DC. Not only does she need a ride but she also needs assistance carrying her display board and props to the House of Representatives building to set up to be judged. There is still a little contention between her and I around the subject matter of her historical figure. She chose Helen Keller since she felt that Ms. Keller best represented the theme “Triumph and Tragedy”. Personally I thought she should have gone with Shoeless-Joe Jackson since he is the epitome of triumph and tragedy after the 1919 Black Sox scandal effectively ruined his career. The discussion between Whitney and I will probably remain a topic we’ll discuss for the rest of our lives. Since I had to go to the capitol I decided I probably should get dressed so I put on my Sedona Red Diamondbacks shirt and hat to go with my shorts and Tevas. After all, you never know who you might run into and I didn’t want to explain why I wasn’t wearing current team colors. The trip to downtown Phoenix should have been easy since I make that trip 83 days from March through September. Today though the Department of Transportation decided it would be a good day to close the freeway and resurface it. Doesn’t anyone know how to look at a Diamondbacks schedule? The team has a road trip starting on Wednesday April 18 and will be gone for 6 days. That would have been a perfect time to resurface the roads and not impact game day traffic. I swear sometimes people jus do not use logic when making decisions.

After finally making it to the capitol and getting Whitney set up, I had to get back home to pick up my daughter Tiffany who has a swim test and interview with the City of Chandler. She has applied to become a lifeguard at one of the city’s pools this summer and today is the big day where she goes in for a skills assessment. Her goal is to become a lifeguard for Chandler this summer but ultimately become a lifeguard at Leslie’s Pool at Chase Field. Trina tried to explain to Tiffany that working as a lifeguard at Chase Field is impractical since it is a fair distance from our house. Tiffany stared at her in disbelief as she proclaimed, “Mom, I would have a ride to work every day since Dad is going to be there anyways. He goes down as the gates open so I would never be late for work and we never leave a game early so I’d always have a ride home.” I have to give Tiffany credit, she has thought through all of the details on this one.

Once I dropped off Tiffany I had to rush home and pack the bags and seat cushions for the game. It was Brandon Webb bobble head night so I was expecting a large crowd and knew I needed to be there early. As soon as the bags were packed I left for downtown Phoenix to attend the awards ceremony for National History Day before going to Chase Field. Whitney did very well considering the subject matter she chose. She took fifth place. While that means she will not advance to the national competition, she did learn a lot. We packed up her display board and made our way to the ballgame. We got to Chase at 3:50 PM and gates opened at 4:30 PM. As a card carrying member of Diamondbacks Season Tickets we were granted entry to the ballpark at 4:00 PM. I was feeling pretty good about that until 3:57 PM. That is when Rally Sally arrived and stood in line behind us to get into the park.

As if being in line with Rally Sally was not bad enough, it got worse when the game began and she sat two rows in front of us. Had I thought about this reasonably and logically last night I would have realized this too was a parallel between my life and the movie Back to the Future. When George McFly was attempting to save Lorraine from Calvin Kline (Marty McFly in 1955) he was instead confronted by his arch nemesis Biff Tannen. In a defiant move to save the woman he loved George would deck Biff and set in motion an entirely new tangent on the space time continuum. One where Marty would find he was the owner of a new 4×4 pick-up and parents where were more lenient towards him and his plans to take his girlfriend camping at the lake. It also did wonders for Lorraine as she lost weight and became an adequate tennis player. Last night I didn’t confront my “Biff” and instead paid the price of being pummeled by multi-colored handmade flags for the entire game and for the first time in 10 years seriously contemplated leaving the game early.

So today I sit and ponder the events of the past 24 hours and wonder “what-if” had I changed even one decision. Now that the time juncture has past I have but one thing left to do. I must seek out a crazy old man, maybe a scientist and learn how to construct a time machine out of a DeLoren using the plans for a flux capacitor that were developed when the scientist hit is head on the bathroom sink on April 7, 2007. I also need to identify weather patterns in the Phoenix area to find the exact moment when lightning strikes a clock tower so that I can get back to the current time since even now you can’t go into the local convenience store and buy the plutonium necessary to create 1.21 giga-watts of power necessary to power the time circuits. It may be a long shot but something has to be done. To paraphrase Doc Brown from Back to the Future II when he responded to Marty McFly stating they must be in Hades. “No, its Diamondbacks baseball with Rally Sally. Although I can’t imagine Hades being much worse!”

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