License to Thrill

On August 11, 2006 before a game against the Florida Marlins the Arizona Diamondbacks recognized Arizona Senate President Ken Bennett by allowing him to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. The pitch was a little wimpy and I came away not thinking too highly of Mr. Bennett’s throwing abilities. After the pitch the Diamondbacks announcers stated that the reason Bennett was throwing out the first pitch was for his efforts on behalf of House Bill 2727 which was signed by Governor Janet Napolitano earlier that day. I totally am oblivious to the workings of the state legislature so I had no clue what House Bill 2727 even was or if it was important to me. For all I knew that bill would make the red-shanked grasshopper the state bird of Arizona. I have noting really against the red-shanked grasshopper. From what I know of grasshoppers they too think it is tough to be a bug, they hate birds, and they sound like James Woods (at least they did in that movie A Bug’s Life). But that was not what House Bill 2727 was about. No it was much cooler than that.

Arizona House Bill 2727 created a new Arizona Diamondbacks license plate that would be made available to Arizona drivers. This had to be the coolest thing I had ever heard. What could be more perfect to put on my car “Chase” than an Arizona Diamondbacks license plate? If you are like most people, they make me repeat that last sentence which is shortly followed by the question, “you named your car?” Well duh, of course I named my car. All three of the cars I have all have names. There is Mallorie’s Honda Accord which is named “Oliver” because she drives it all over. Trina’s Suburban is named “Phillip” because that is what I have to do whenever we pass a gas station. And then there is my car which is named “Chase” because that is the only place it knows where to go. Chase is a Honda Accord with a sun roof so that when the roof opening music comes on my stereo I can open the sun roof.

Since August 11 I have been bugging the Department of Motor Vehicles asking when the license plates would be available. No one seemed to know anything about them. I was beginning to think this was some sort of scam by the state government just so that they could throw out a first pitch. What a brilliantly evil plan. Tell each sports team that you had introduced a bill for a special license plate and get to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. It was a diabolical plan and one I wished I would have come up with myself.

I received an email today stating that after long last the Arizona Diamondbacks license plate is available. It is Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand and features the “D” logo and the words Arizona Dbacks on it. The Diamondbacks become the first professional franchise in Arizona to have its own license plate. There is an annual fee of $25.00 assessed to those having this plate. Of the $25 the state will donate $17 to Diamondbacks charities. The remaining $8 will go towards administration fees and the State Highway Fund. Think of it as a donation to a worthy cause while showing your team spirit. Of course this new plate came out a week after Trina’s Suburban “Phillip” had its plate renewed. Fortunately for me “Chase” is not due for renewal until May so I will definitely be ordering a new plate.

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  1. Note to Self

    Ever since it was announced that there would be an Arizona Diamondbacks license plate I have been eager to order one to show my support for the team. When our annual renewal period for our right-wing, gas-guzzling, environmentally-irresponsible Chevrol…

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