Making a Splash

This season marks the tenth season that I have attended Arizona Diamondbacks ball games at Bank One Ballpark / Chase Field. I’ve attended 558 regular season games during that time. I’ve also attended every post season and Spring Training game that has ever been played at the stadium. Besides baseball I’ve also been to monster truck rallies, motocross races, a boat show, a marching band competition, and even a women’s college basketball game at the stadium. You would think that with all these visits to events that I would have done about everything there is to do at Chase Field. Well, not quite. I’ve never been selected to be in the condiment races during a game although my daughter Whitney did so I guess I can count that by family association. Still I would love a chance to get up on the dugout and run in place proudly wearing my “I am Relish” T-shirt. Of course now they are dressing the contestants up in these hideous looking hot dog costumes that look like they were left over from a Wal-Mart Halloween costume sale so I may want to rethink my life long dream of being a condiment. The other thing I always wanted to do was to watch a game from the pool area in right field. Since the Arizona Diamondbacks are the only team in Major League Baseball to have a pool inside their home stadium I look at this as more of a conversation starter than anything. I’ve suggested to Trina that we rent the pool for a game just so that I can say that I’ve done it but she always balks at the idea especially when she sees the price. So that may be something I never will experience as a fan of the Diamondbacks. Just because I haven’t done it, doesn’t mean I am completely oblivious to what the experience is like.

My friend Andre has Phoenix Suns season tickets. He has taken Trina and I to a game and we had a lot of fun. I’ve promised to return the favor by taking him to some Diamondbacks games this season. So when I talked to Andre earlier this week I was sort of surprised to hear that he had been invited to the game on Wednesday. The invitation came from the ticket sales representative that he had purchased his Suns tickets from. This rep had left the Suns and was now working for the Diamondbacks. He was inviting several of his basketball clients to a baseball game in hopes that they would buy season tickets to baseball. These were not average tickets he was to get for the game. He was getting tickets to the pool area for the duration of the game. Finally I would have someone on the inside to give me all the details about the pool area. If I was unable to get into the pool myself I could at least live vicariously through Andre. He promised to call me when he got to the stadium and we could go from there.

Section 132 is directly across the field from the pool so I could see what was going on and what I was missing. Andre called and we talked as he described the area. The pool has been refinished this season removing all the purple and teal tiles replacing them with Sedona Red and Black. They also have updated the hot tub area and the water jets that go off whenever the Diamondbacks hit a home run. I made Andre promise me that he would not allow anyone in the pool area catch a home run ball until after we determined if there would be a splash down. There is nothing worse than having a pool shot taken away because some fan got over zealous in catching a souvenir. All during the game I would call Andre and ask him to describe various aspects of the pool. I even made him hold up a beach towel they have there so I could see the new Sedona Red towels that have been introduced this season. Andre and his family had a great time even though the Diamondbacks ended up losing the game and putting an end to their 6 game winning streak. An interesting note, there were 40 people in the pool area yet only Andre’s son actually swam. What is the point of being a guest in the pool area if you don’t get in the water? Maybe it is just as well that I haven’t been invited to the pool area. I am not sure my scorebook is waterproof. If I want to get wet at the baseball game I will have to be content with the lady behind me spilling her beer on me.

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  1. The wait is over you will have a chance to experience a pool area on your own.

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