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Every year I eagerly await the Arizona Diamondbacks creating their media guide. The media guide is perhaps the most under-rated communications tool that a team produces. Its audience is the press who cover the team. Within its covers are facts and figures on every player on the roster, results from years past, and pieces of trivia that would easily make you the most popular guy at a party. Getting your hands on a media guide can sometimes be a difficult proposition. Many a year I have scoured the depths of eBay looking for someone who might have a Diamondbacks media guide. Sometimes I get lucky and one falls into my hands. This year I definitely fell into the lucky category. During conversations I had was Greg Salvatore from D-backs Insider magazine I happened to mention the yearly quest I go on to find one of these elusive guides. We both laughed at some of the stories and the lengths I went to in finding these books. Much to my surprise, Greg sent a copy of the 2007 guide with a note. It was amazing!

From the moment that the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks Media Guide arrived at my house it has been my constant companion. I have clung to this book much like an evangelist does to his bible. Between these covers are nuggets of Diamondbacks data that only a statistician or someone seriously deranged would find interesting. According to Trina, few normal people are interested in the career batting averages for non-roster attendees and even fewer care about what hotels the team stays at on the road. I happen to disagree with her assessment. I think lots of people care about these things and others. For example, I am asked on multiple occasions each season how many players have hit home runs into the swimming pool beyond the right field wall. Without a Diamondbacks media guide I would just be guessing. Although I have been to every game and see when a fly ball goes into the pool area, it is often difficult to see whether the ball reaches splash down. The result is that my count might be off when compared to the official count from the team. The media guide is a great resource for me to check my statistics and data that I have on NowHitting with what the team has recorded. In this way I can ensure that I have done my due diligence in making the information as accurate as possible.

The 2007 version of the media guide marks the tenth book in the series. Each of the previous versions featured their own look and personality. The 1998 and 19999 versions were both quite small and compact much like the history of the team. As the years progressed so did the publication giving better details and more historical perspective which is what you would expect as the team and the media guide evolve. I always look forward to seeing the cover to know what aspects of the team or previous season were important enough to warrant the cover shot. The 2007 edition has Brandon Webb and Orlando Hudson on the cover showing the Cy Young and Gold Glove winners for the Diamondbacks. This edition is also the first to sport Sedona Red and black making it significantly different than past years.

If I were to review this book and provide those witty one-line comments you always see on the back cover of best sellers or in ads showing the book, I would have to include comments such as “A real page turner!” or “More depth than a Brandon Webb sinker!” or my personal favorite, “If the 2007 Diamondbacks Media Guide were a sign from the catcher it would definitely be a fastball, this book is a #1!” I just couldn’t put it down. Each page I read led to a lot of notes and several proposed changes to content on my web site. I have also dutifully noted any discrepancies between my information and that in the media guide so that I can research it more fully to verify the correct data. So while I’ve enjoyed my reading time, it has resulted in a fairly lengthy list of to-do items for me which will probably take the better part of a month to get through. Still, even with all the work I have a head of me I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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