Posts made in May, 2007

Negotiating to the Max

In June 2006 the Arizona Diamondbacks under the direction of Mike Rizzo selected Max Scherzer with the eleventh overall pick in the annual amateur draft. This began an 11 month roller coaster ride as the team attempted to negotiate with Scherzer’s agent the infamous Scott Boras. Max Scherzer who was the 2005 Big 12 Conference Pitcher of the Year was a talent that was not supposed to last in the draft. Signability concerns coupled with a...

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Philadelphia Freedom

As the Arizona Diamondbacks prepared to leave the friendly confines of Chase Field with their 4-game sweep of the struggling Houston Astros my exuberance for the victory was tempered by the fact that the schedule for the next couple of weeks did not look to favor the team. They would be making their northeastern swing meaning 3 games with the suddenly hot Philadelphia Phillies followed by a 3 game set with the National League East leading New...

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State of the Home Stand Address – May 21-27

The Arizona Diamondbacks have now embarked on another road trip which means that another home stand has been completed. This then marks another milestone in the season and it is time for another State of the Home Stand address. Here I will look at the seven game series that began Monday May 21 and ended Sunday May 27. I’ll try to give my perspective of the team and the stadium to give a fan’s insight as the 2007 regular season...

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A Moment of Memorial

To many Americans, Memorial Day typically means an extra day off to an already shortened week-end coupled with plans for a barbeque or a trip to the beach. Oh there may be a short moment when our thoughts turn to the reason why we have today off from work but those thoughts are usually short lived and come about the time that you are busy hanging your flag from the house before setting out for a day of fun in the sun. With American troops...

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A Big Fan

You would think that after nearly 26 years of marriage that Trina would have learned that leaving me home alone (or in this case with Dakota) would be a bad idea. No good ever comes from when she does that. The last time this happened I ended up deciding that my computer was not quite good enough and needed a “minor upgrade”. By minor I mean that I kept the power cord from the old computer and replaced everything else. Trina arrived...

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Ballpark Survival

Its day 2 of boy’s weekend and Dakota and I are beginning to feel the effects of being without mom and sisters. Both Dakota and I had fully expected that we could survive without any problem for the week the girls were gone. After all, we had a weekend series with the Houston Astros so it was not like we were going to go hungry and have nothing to do. But Dakota made a very interesting observation; the Diamondbacks leave town after...

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Boy’s Weekend

Yesterday marked the last day of school for Trina and for the kids. That meant that today would mark the first day that we would hear that phrase, “I’m bored”. It was as predictable as a Jose Valverde fastball. Trina had somehow thought ahead anticipating this and had a solution for this dilemma at least for some of the kids. Trina, Whitney, and Tiffany set off this morning for a week at girl’s camp. I have no idea what...

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Fifty Ways to Elect Your Diamondbacks

This country is based upon the ability of its citizens to select their leaders through a vote where majority rules. The definition of majority sometimes differs but the process is relatively the same. The goal of voting is to allow each and every one of us the opportunity to choose the winner and let our voices be heard. In most cases the process allows one vote per registered voter. There are entire processes and policies surrounding this...

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A Shocking Experience

Those of you who are regular readers may have noticed a slight lull in the number of posts to this blog. There were about 5 or 6 days there where posts did not appear to be published. Please rest assured that this was not a result of some technical difficulty nor was it a matter of me not keeping up with the Arizona Diamondbacks. No this was a direct result of yet another one of those weird experiences that only I seem to be able to have. It...

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