I get reminded nearly every day that Mother’s Day is coming this weekend. Trina does that in a very stealth like manner. She reminds me that I only have a few shopping days to get my mother something and send it to her if I want it to arrive on time. That is usually followed up with a couple of advertisements for things that I might be interested in getting. These items of course are in Trina’s size rather than my mothers but I guess she figures I am too dense to figure that part out. Each time Trina brings this up I have to gently remind her that the Diamondbacks are in town until Thursday so there really isn’t a lot I can do before then. Trina then shrugs and leaves me the advertisements just in case I want to look through them. I am of course playing this pretty cool since I already have something in mind but I don’t want to tip my Sedona Red Diamondbacks hat. My well laid plans nearly were foiled this morning when Trina began her daily reminder about Mother’s Day. In a moment of absent-mindedness I asked, “Well what do you want at the team shop in case I get to the game early tonight?” Trina closed the ads and turned to leave. “Use your imagination I guess” she said as she walked off. Wow, use my imagination that seems like a dangerous thing to say. Not wanting to disappoint her, I figured I would do just that and so started my Mother’s Day 2007 shopping experience.

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