On May 10 infielder was taken into custody on suspicion of domestic violence. Callaspo was taken in for questioning and missed the team flight to Houston to begin this road trip. The Diamondbacks took swift action and placed Callaspo on the restricted list until this matter was straightened out. The restricted list is a provision where a player is not available to play and is not paid while he remains on the list. A team can keep a player on the restricted list for 10 days then they need to make a decision as to his status. All eyes would be on the Arizona Diamondbacks to see how they handled this situation. With a new ownership group in place everyone was curious whether character counted as much now as it did during the Colangelo era. Players involved with off-field problems had a very short leash when Jerry was at the helm. It did not matter how big a star or what kind of draw they were to the box office. When Diamondbacks reliever Bobby Chouinard was arrested and charged with domestic violence he was given his walking papers soon after charges were formally made against him. When Phoenix Suns guard Jason Kidd was accused of domestic violence he soon found himself leaving Phoenix and heading to New Jersey. There appeared to be a zero-tolerance policy for this type of offense.

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