This country is based upon the ability of its citizens to select their leaders through a vote where majority rules. The definition of majority sometimes differs but the process is relatively the same. The goal of voting is to allow each and every one of us the opportunity to choose the winner and let our voices be heard. In most cases the process allows one vote per registered voter. There are entire processes and policies surrounding this concept and safeguards are put in place that will monitor adherence to that rule. In some cases though, that rule is allowed to be bent and sometimes broken. Anecdotes abound about elections that were fixed through various methods. One such method is the concept of ballot box stuffing. In this scam, people will vote for themselves but may also vote pretending to be someone they are not circumventing the one person one vote parameter. There have been stories that describe voters in Chicago that voted in city and state elections some 50 or 100 years after their death; a truly phenomenal feat and prove that indeed there is life and politics after death. But what does this have to do with baseball?

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