Back in the Saddle Again

Usually I hate Mondays. It means I am back at work and dealing with the daily grind of my job. The kids are whining that they have to start another week of school and how unfair all of their teachers are to require them to study and take tests. This week though was slightly different. It is the last week of school for the kids which mean four days of never ending activities and yearbook parties. That much youth and adrenaline is typically frowned upon in our house but Trina stood no chance since I seemed to be leading the charge of excitement. I didn’t really care whether the kids were getting out of school or not in fact my life is slightly more painful when they are out of school than when they are in school but that was not why I was so excited.

No I was excited because it was finally the end of a VERY long road trip the Arizona Diamondbacks were back home which meant that I would be back at the ballpark tonight. I haven’t been this excited since Opening Day. I could hardly wait for game time.

I remember as a kid it seemed like Christmas Eve was the longest night of the year. You would go to bed and when you woke up you would realize that you had only been asleep 10 minutes. It was enough to drive a child insane. The longest day of the year was always the Fourth of July. You knew you had to wait until dark before you could light fireworks. It always felt like we had moved to Alaska for a day and that the sun would never set. You would go to breakfast, go to the Independence Day parade, go home, have lunch, watch the go kart races, and the clock would say 9 AM. This day seemed even longer than the Fourth of July. I must have paced at least 20,000 steps waiting for the clock to change. I even thought about calling the Naval Observatory to see if something had happened to the atomic clock or something because time seemed to be not only standing still but actually moving backwards.

Finally though it was time to head to the game. Dakota and I packed the bags and made our way down to Chase Field. Ah there is nothing quite like the ballpark to make you forget all of your troubles. From the moment I walk through those turnstiles my whole body begins to relax and the stress oozes out like toothpaste from a tube of AquaFresh. It helped that the Diamondbacks were playing the Colorado Rockies and coming in with a two game winning streak. Although Brandon Webb struggled again against the Rockies, it ended well with the Diamondbacks winning 6-5. Life was good again and I felt like I was home. There is just something comforting about hanging out in Section 132 Row 15 Seat 14. With the Diamondbacks in town between now and Sunday this is going to be a good week.

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