Ballpark Survival

Its day 2 of boy’s weekend and Dakota and I are beginning to feel the effects of being without mom and sisters. Both Dakota and I had fully expected that we could survive without any problem for the week the girls were gone. After all, we had a weekend series with the Houston Astros so it was not like we were going to go hungry and have nothing to do. But Dakota made a very interesting observation; the Diamondbacks leave town after tomorrow night’s game and the girls would still not be back meaning we would have to fend for ourselves. That was not a situation that either of us were prepared to accept. It had been ok the first day or so since we had a box of Honey Comb cereal. Based on my calculations though, that box was going to run out if we continued to eat it 2 meals a day. Oh sure we had begun to ration the milk choosing to eat one bowl of cereal dry and save the milk to put on the cereal when we ate it for dinner; but I was not sure that would be enough. On the way to the ballgame we started talking and thinking maybe we needed to say a little prayer to the baseball gods for a win at the game and a solution to our problem.

I am here to testify that there is a baseball god and he does listen to loyal fans who promise not to do the wave at a home game. Our prayers were answered as the Diamondbacks once again demolished the Houston Astros for the third straight game. Not only that but our section was chosen during the Circle K Hot Dog Derby and we won coupons for a free Diamondbacks Dog at Circle K. That meant we now had food above and beyond our depleted box of cereal. The bounty of the baseball god was good and his generosity was abundant. The bats of the Diamondbacks players came alive during this series and the team scored 8 or more runs both Thursday and Friday. As everyone knows when the Diamondbacks score more than 8 runs all fans in attendance receive a coupon for a Taco Bell chalupa. This was indeed welcome news. We now would be able to eat 3 meals beyond our Honey Comb diet. We were overjoyed at the idea of feasting on a Baja Chicken chalupa at our local Taco Bell. We triumphantly walked towards the gates to collect our loot. The woman at the gate was handing out the coupons and stuck out her hand to provide us with the coupons. Dakota reached out and hugged the woman thanking her for being an instrument of the baseball gods. The woman looked very confused. Dakota explained that his mother was out of town leaving dad to feed him. One look at Dakota and another at me and she handed us each an extra chalupa coupon. It was indeed a Festivus miracle!

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