Boy’s Weekend

Yesterday marked the last day of school for Trina and for the kids. That meant that today would mark the first day that we would hear that phrase, “I’m bored”. It was as predictable as a Jose Valverde fastball. Trina had somehow thought ahead anticipating this and had a solution for this dilemma at least for some of the kids. Trina, Whitney, and Tiffany set off this morning for a week at girl’s camp. I have no idea what types of activities go on at girl’s camp nor am I curious enough to ask. My theory is that my male brain is not capable of comprehending the finer nuances of the female of the species so any attempt to figure out what goes on at a camp full of women would probably be erroneous. For the record, the term “camp” in the context of girl’s camp is just a loose interpretation. While they did pack sleeping bags and hiking shoes it is hard to take it seriously when they have also packed curling irons, dresses, and other girl accessories. The camp has its own cook and there are showers on the premises. So for them to say they were going to be roughing it and camping was equivalent to me saying I would only be attending a few ballgames this season. Neither is really that believable. But for the first time in my married life, Dakota and I found that males were the majority in our house.

It is interesting to see how differently the rules of the house are when the other party has the majority. For example, when just the boys are in the house there are a lot fewer dishes. That is not to say that the girls eat more, it just means that the boys are much more judicious with their dish management. There is no reason to get a new plate for every meal. It is perfectly fine and much more flavorful if meals share the same dinnerware. Also glasses are strictly optional. Why dirty a glass when you can just drink out of the milk carton?

It is not just meal time where changes are noticeable. Dress seems to be much more casual as well. Socks become optional in an effort to become greener by reducing the amount of laundry that has to be done. The concept of clean and dirty also seems to be different. For guys it doesn’t seem so black and white. There are varying shades of gray when it comes to assessing whether an item of clothing is dirty. Shaving and hair combing also tends to be less of a priority during guy’s weekend.

There are things though that have the same level of importance regardless of whether the girls are in town or not. At 2 hours prior to game time Dakota and I are already at the stadium. We still watch batting practice with the same level of excitement that we do when the girls are in town. We eat the same food at the ballpark that we do when the girls are home. And we cheer just as loud for the Diamondbacks as we do when the girls are here. So while there are some aspects of our lives that could definitely use a woman’s touch, baseball isn’t one of them.

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