Meet the Mets

If you go to enough games you will finally be able to see every other team in Major League Baseball at your home stadium. This was made possible by the introduction of Interleague play in 1997. It has become a set rotation as each division plays divisional foes from the opposing league. Major League Baseball has devised a plan so that the fans will ultimately see every other team over the course of five years. At first I was not a fan of Interleague play but I am starting to tolerate it. It has given me an opportunity to see players and teams I would otherwise never see. Outside of Interleague play when else would the Diamondbacks ever face their expansion mates the Tampa Bay Devil Rays? The odds of those two teams meeting in the World Series are an extreme long shot. Perhaps given the fact that the Devil Rays are the only team in Major League Baseball that the Diamondbacks have not beaten, that might be a good thing they won’t meet in the World Series. Besides being able to see every team, you are also able to see other teams’ fans and that has proven more interesting than some of the on-field action.

Let me start by saying I am at times dealing with a small sample size and I am talking in generalizations which are always dangerous but here are a few observations I have made through the years. I find it interesting that the farther you move east the more obnoxious the fans tend to be. It is not just east, it is more north east. Fans in Chicago for example are a little more obnoxious than those from Colorado. Fans in Philadelphia are a lot more obnoxious than those in Chicago. The epitome of obnoxiousness though goes slightly farther to the eastern sea shore to New York. For whatever reason fans in New York tend to be louder and more arrogant than anywhere else in the National League. I would have said in all of Major League Baseball but with the Boston Red Sox scheduled to arrive at Chase Field next month I will hold off crowning a fan obnoxious champion until then.

It’s not so much that they are loud but it is the manner in which they go about it. They attempt to make the game personal in an us-versus-them way that somehow grates on other fans. I can almost guarantee that there will be at least 5 “Let’s Go Mets” chants in every game followed by “Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose” when Jose Reyes touches the ball. Paul LoDuca will be called “Paulie” for the entire duration of the series. The moment that the Mets take a lead whether that be in the first inning or the ninth inning there will be no less than 20 people who will stand up clap while turning 360 degrees then point to their New York Mets jersey and nod. The closer you get to the bleachers the more the accompanying nod will be replaced with a profanity laden quote about the home team. All of this will result in no fewer than 2 altercations per game in the stands and at least one of them will involve food. Someone somewhere will decide they have had enough of the Mets fans behavior and something will get thrown. A peanut, sunflower seed, hot dog, empty beer cup have all been used as projectiles over the years. This of course will set the entire section off and the stadium will go to DEFCON 1. Ushers call for security who in turn calls for back-up by police. In the end there will be a small group of fans escorted from their seats and a subset of those may even get a tour of Chase Field including the lovely holding cell area under the right field stands. This series has been no exception. When Jose Valverde decided to do his best Chicago Cubs impression and implode during last night’s game the Mets fans began their chanting and taunting. The outcome was all too familiar to other nights when New York is in town. I think I counted 15 security guards breaking up a meeting in the left field stands in the ninth inning. I can hardly wait to see how the next three games play out. Maybe director George Miller will be in the stands and identify some of these guys for a casting call for a sequel to the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I volunteer Rally Sally for the part of Aunty Entity. If the Tina Turner part is already taken maybe she could be an extra who hangs out at the Thunderdome and waves her flags at the gladiators. She has some experience in that area.

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