Mothers Day Shopping

I get reminded nearly every day that Mother’s Day is coming this weekend. Trina does that in a very stealth like manner. She reminds me that I only have a few shopping days to get my mother something and send it to her if I want it to arrive on time. That is usually followed up with a couple of advertisements for things that I might be interested in getting. These items of course are in Trina’s size rather than my mothers but I guess she figures I am too dense to figure that part out. Each time Trina brings this up I have to gently remind her that the Diamondbacks are in town until Thursday so there really isn’t a lot I can do before then. Trina then shrugs and leaves me the advertisements just in case I want to look through them. I am of course playing this pretty cool since I already have something in mind but I don’t want to tip my Sedona Red Diamondbacks hat. My well laid plans nearly were foiled this morning when Trina began her daily reminder about Mother’s Day. In a moment of absent-mindedness I asked, “Well what do you want at the team shop in case I get to the game early tonight?” Trina closed the ads and turned to leave. “Use your imagination I guess” she said as she walked off. Wow, use my imagination that seems like a dangerous thing to say. Not wanting to disappoint her, I figured I would do just that and so started my Mother’s Day 2007 shopping experience.

Dakota and I went to the game arriving just before the gates opened. I figured I better skip watching batting practice and go to the team shop otherwise I was never going to hear the end of it. Before the Arizona Diamondbacks changed their team colors, they had a silky little teddy with the purple and teal Diamondbacks logo all over the material. It came with this slinky thong. I figured if they had that in Sedona Red and black that would be perfect. I had mentioned that to my daughters so that they could help me with the size. All of them stressed emphatically that my gift idea would be a really bad idea. I have no idea how they could say that. What woman would not love to have silky undergarments with the team logo printed on them. Just the thought of Trina in a Diamondbacks teddy was enough to bring a smile to my face. Still, the girls had been right before when they suggested that mom definitely would not want a set of 8 Bank One Ballpark stadium seats as dining room chairs. I still don’t get that, they would have been perfect. If food spilled on them you could hose them off and they came with their own cup holders. Sometimes these girls just don’t see the big picture.

Given the fact that the Diamondbacks would be out of town for 9 games starting on Thursday maybe I should listen to my daughters and get something a little more practical. Besides, my anniversary is coming up and maybe the Diamondbacks teddy would be better for that holiday than Mother’s Day.

As I entered the team shop there was a display just inside the door. In the display was the cutest little bathrobe I had ever seen. It was white terry cloth with a pink embroidered Major League Baseball logo on the left breast pocket along with a pink ribbon. I hadn’t seen that before and that seemed like a good gift for a mother. The sign next to the robe stated that it was a free gift with the purchase of $150 worth of MLB licensed merchandise. Wow, this could work out a lot better than I had envisioned. I was pretty sure I could find $150 worth of team shop merchandise that I wanted and in exchange Trina would get a cool robe. This was definitely a win-win situation. I wandered around the team shop and found a Diamondbacks polo shirt, a batting practice jersey, a new Sedona Red hat (everyone should have a spare just in case you have a hat accident), a 1:43 scale Diamondbacks 18-wheeler model, and 2 Diamondbacks pins. Even with my season ticket holder discount card that should meet the $150 threshold. I walked to the cashier pretty proud of myself. Trina would get a really cool robe and she would be really impressed that I thought enough to get a good deal. As I checked out I asked if the team shop if they carried greeting cards. The answer was no so I am not completely finished with my shopping. I still need to stop by the convenience store on the way home and get a Mother’s Day card.

When I got back to my seats I decided to call my daughters Ashley and Mallorie to let them both know I was pretty much done with my shopping since Trina seems to have enlisted them to make sure I didn’t forget that her hints were not just to get my mother something but also to get my wife a special gift too. The girls seemed less impressed than I was with my gift idea. Mallorie in particular insisted that I could not just give mom a free robe or else she would kill me. I hung up the phone with my excitement definitely muted. That all changed in the sixth inning. The PA announcer stated that the Diamondbacks were looking for a Frys VIP Club Member. I reached into my pocket and retrieved my VIP Rewards card and held it up as I recorded the outs from the previous inning in my score book. When I looked up my picture was on the JumboTron and one of the Rally Back girls was standing next to me with a $50 gift card to Fry’s Marketplace. Sweet, my problems were solved. Now I had a free robe and a free $50 gift card to the grocery store. What woman would not want that? The only problem is that I am going to have a hard time topping this gift when my anniversary comes next month.

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