State of the Home Stand Address – May 3-9

I’ve been a little tardy in the posting of my State of the Home Stand. Part of the delay was due to the Nightmare on Buffalo Street, the Alberto Callaspo fiasco, but mostly due to the fact that Trina has had me running around like a maniac ever since the Diamondbacks left town. So I do apologize for the delay and without further adieu I bring you my state of the home stand covering the seven game series from May 3 through May 9.

I have documented earlier my feelings on the New York Mets coming to town. It is always a struggle to win against the Mets and this series was no exception. The first game of the series the Diamondbacks led going into the ninth inning. I really thought this would be the turning point. Gone would be the prolonged home losing streak against New York. Instead we watched horrified as Jose Valverde imploded giving up run after run for a Diamondbacks loss. It was as depressed as I have been all season.

Saturday’s game was the Cinco de Mayo celebration. The Gila River Casino stadium giveaway of a margarita glass was a nice touch. As a non-drinker I wasn’t sure what I would do with a margarita glass but I have since realized it makes a great dish for ice cream (like I need more ice cream). For the first time this season I ate at Garcia’s on the main concourse. I figured with Cinco de Mayo the least I could do would be to get some Mexican food. Garcia’s have changed their menu slightly and now offer a chicken quesadilla and mini-chimis. Trina and I split this as it was too much food for both of us. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I was really disappointed that they don’t have salsa that would have made the food much better. Instead I was stuck with some pre-packaged hot sauce which was not really that great. The food was pretty good and the staff pretty friendly but I’ll probably stick to my staple of Hungry Hill Sausages for most of the games.

Sunday’s series finale against the Mets was Military Appreciation Day and the second annual Stitch n’ Pitch. Nearly a week after this game and Trina and her friends are still complaining that Stitch n’ Pitch was on a Sunday. I was just happy to get a win after the Diamondbacks dropped 5 straight to start the month. Dakota loved the camo hats that were given away to the fans. It is his new favorite. I questioned the use of Sedona Red on a camo hat but it doesn’t look too bad. It won’t replace my authentic hat by any means but it wasn’t nearly as odd as the chrome looking silver hats the team gave away in 1998 during the “Turn Ahead the Clock” promotion around Major League Baseball. Now those were strange space lids.

During the Philadelphia Phillies series I had a couple of visitors at my seats. During the game on Tuesday Jim Fares came to our seats and introduced himself. Jim is the general manager for Hungry Hill. I felt like I was meeting one of the players as I have been a big fan of Hungry Hill since they arrived at Bank One Ballpark. We talked a little about the blog and my web site. It was great to meet the “Sausage King of Chase”. Trina was disappointed when she found out she missed this. She is probably a bigger Hungry Hill fan than I am. She makes it a point to tell everyone in our section about their products and recommend them to anyone visiting the stadium for the first time. A few innings later we had another visitor. Bill, who is over all of the concessionaires at Chase Field, stopped by and introduced himself. We talked for a couple of innings about Chase, the team, and baseball in general. During our conversation he gave me a few bits of information and corrected me on some of the things I had previously stated in my State of the Homestand addresses. There are the same number of menu items at Taste of the Majors this year as there have been in past seasons. The way the menu is organized by removing the team names it only looks like there are fewer items. The Taste of the Majors is cool but I really liked the Visiting Team specials they used to have. Something about having a buffalo burger during a Rockies series or a Dodger Dog when LA came to town was special. I was also told that the pricing for chicken tenders has been fixed at Ribbies and they are now $7.00 instead of $8.00. The biggest news though is that they are going to bring back the Beef Brisket sandwich as a special at Ribbies during an upcoming home stand. If I had the room I probably would have done a cartwheel. I liked the beef brisket sandwich so I know what I’ll be having when that special comes around. Tiffany was happy to hear that. She never eats the brisket sandwich but she loves Ribbies cole slaw so if I get the sandwich she’ll get the cole slaw. My one regret in our conversation was that I forgot to ask if we would see a peaceful solution to mustard-gate. I still keep hoping that they will bring back spicy mustard but so far we still just have the yellow variety. I may need to check with security to see if they allow Gray Poupon to be brought into the stadium. Spicy mustard is by far the condiment of choice for a Hungry Hill sausage.

The Diamond Club still seems to be struggling to be a destination of choice. As an extra add-on to your game ticket there are lots of people bypassing that ballpark experience. The concerts at the club may help so I will withhold judgment until season end. I wonder whether this will go the way of the Hall of Fame exhibit that once was a part of what is now Peter Piper Playhouse.

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