Student Summer Pass

Most people remember their college days fondly. How it was the first time they really had lived away from home and made their own decisions. Of course most of those decisions revolved around alcohol, girls, alcohol, and girls. Somewhere in the middle of that you drug yourself out of bed and into class at least enough times so that you didn’t get thrown out of school and had to go home where you just knew that you father was waiting for you to fail at college so he could put you to work as a ditch digger or some other manual laborer job. The other thing most college students have in common is the fact that they are typically dirt poor. (Is there a corollary dirt rich and exactly how much do you have to make to be classified as dirt rich?) Well the Arizona Diamondbacks feel the pain of these students and have a solution. The team has recently announced the D-backs Student Season Pass that will offer students a chance to attend Diamondbacks home games.

Basically the D-backs Student Season Pass works kind of like a gym membership. You pay a monthly fee for the use of it. You are given a membership card that entitles you to an upper deck ticket to a game of your choice. You go online and select the game you want to attend. A ticket is assigned and placed at Will Call. The student brings their ID and Season Pass and attends the game. The Diamondbacks will offer 3 flavors of the Season Pass. One allows the student to attend as many games as they want from April through September. Another allows for games only during the school year (April, May, September) while the third plan allows for games only during the summer (June, July, August). This seems like a good idea. It allows the Diamondbacks to give back to the community and it brings in potentially new fans who will someday become season ticket holders. It makes me think maybe I should go back to school and get another degree. I started to figure it out and even factoring in tuition and books I may still be ahead buying a D-backs Student Season Pass. Of course I am probably not the type of student fan they expected when they developed that program. $29.99 per month seems like a small price to pay for unlimited baseball. That would equate to $179.94 for season tickets. Considering that season tickets for sections 325-327 are $664.00 that is a savings of $484.06. The program doesn’t say you have to be a full-time student or even that you have to be working towards a degree. So if you’ve always wanted to take that underwater basket weaving college class now is your chance and you can save nearly $500 on your baseball tickets. The only down side I can see to this is that you will be stuck up in the rafters with Rally Sally. That would be worse than flunking basket weaving.

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