The Longest Home Trip of My Life

When the Diamondbacks are home, I am away and when the Diamondbacks are away, I am at home. This phrase is how my family best describes our situation during baseball season. As an avid baseball fan especially towards the Diamondbacks, that is how it should be. Trina does not necessarily agree with that last statement and it has resulted in me finding myself sleeping on the couch more times than I can remember. But from March through hopefully October that is precisely how it is at our house. When the Diamondbacks schedule is released, Trina will dutifully enter it into her daily planner so that she knows when I am available and when I am not. This has many implications.

For example, if the kids have events that are going to occur during baseball season the first thing that is checked is the Diamondbacks schedule. If there is a home game at Chase Field they can rest assured that dad probably will not be attending the event. On the surface that seems mean and wrong and I would have to agree. How in the world would a school even think about holding an event the same night as a Diamondbacks game? That just seems so anti-civic minded if you ask me. The schedule has other implications too. For example, we always must check the Diamondbacks schedule when planning a vacation. The family knows that we’re probably not leaving town unless the Diamondbacks are too. There are of course exceptions to the rule. I had to bend a little last year for our 25th wedding anniversary when Trina insisted that I be with her in Disney World even though it meant that I would miss a series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I was a nervous wreck during that time pacing back and forth wondering whether my designated fans had gotten to the game or not. I also worried about whether Tivo had recorded the games so that I could at least watch them when I got home. For all the trouble that caused last year I am not sure I could go through that again. I might just have to stay here next time regardless of the consequences. After all sleeping on the couch is not really that bad.

My daughter Mallorie is seeing a boy and thinks he may be the one meaning there might be a wedding in the future. Again a quick check of the schedule would be in order to determine whether dad would be able to attend. I don’t think that is too unreasonable. Besides it is not like I would really miss the wedding. People usually get married during the day so unless it is an afternoon game I should be there for that. I just might not be there for the reception (unless it is held at Chase Field in a suite then I might attend until game time when I would need to get to my seat to keep score). My family sees these as negative aspects to living with a baseball fan. I think more of the positives. After all, for 83 days a year they know exactly where I will be. And when they go to a game they know they have my full attention between every pitch. Plus they sometimes get cool giveaways that they could either keep or give as beautiful gifts. I know I would have been thrilled if someone would have given me an Orlando Hudson bobble head as a wedding present.

All of this is not without its downside though. For 81 days a year I know I will be stuck at home trying to catch up from being gone for 83 days. That typically means there will be a list a mile long for me to do during these “home stands”. Usually I don’t complain much because a Diamondbacks road trip lasts maybe 6 days. This time though they are gone for 9 whole days. Do you have any idea how much work a wife can demand during a 9 game “home stand”? I sure didn’t. Now part way through; I am barely denting the list. I am not even getting time off for good behavior to watch the games on television. Instead I have to Tivo the game and watch it after everyone has gone to bed. That seems totally messed up to me. I can’t wait for next Monday so I can get back to the ballpark where I belong.

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