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State of the Home Stand – June 18 – June 28

This marks the latest in a continuing series of posts where I review the state of Chase Field from a fans perspective. I try to do this at the end of each home stand to describe how things are going as seen from the viewpoint of a guy in section 132. This home stand saw a continuation of Interleague Play with a three game series against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Baltimore Orioles and ended with a four game series against National League...

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And the Darkness Begins

At some point in the season this is bound to happen, the Diamondbacks will leave for a road trip. Usually this means that I will not be going to Chase Field for a few days. This time the road trip is a little more extensive. After an abysmal series where the Dodgers took three of four leaving the Diamondbacks looking up at both the Dodgers and the Padres in the standings; the team is now out of town until after the All-Star break. The mere...

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Is This Wrigley Field?

For the second time in eight days the Arizona Diamondbacks played host to an afternoon game at Chase Field. Most of the time games begin at 6:40 PM allowing fans a chance to get home from work before traveling to downtown Phoenix to attend a game. Sometimes we find ourselves with an afternoon game when it is “getaway day” and teams are flying out for the east coast. This is the first time that I can remember when that has occurred...

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

The first two games against the Los Angeles Dodgers have been less than stellar if you are an Arizona Diamondbacks fan. In game one we saw Brad Penny continue his domination over the D-backs beating the home team 7-1. Each time Penny beats the Diamondbacks it acts as a reminder that we traded him away in 1999 to the Florida Marlins along with Vladimir Nunez and a player to be named later (outfielder Abraham Nunez) for oft-injured closer Matt...

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Half Way There

I have a ritual that I follow before I leave for every game where I collect the seat cushions that Trina made and pack them for the upcoming game. This includes retrieving the frozen bottles of water that we’ll take to drink; and filling the seat cushion pockets with whatever treats that Trina has bought to keep us entertained and satisfied for the next 5 hours. I’ll then open my scorebook and make sure that I have at least one more...

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Four Choruses Singing the Blues

At the end of yesterday’s game I was making my way back up the walkway towards the exit. The Diamondbacks had just beaten the Baltimore Orioles and in the process they scored eight runs meaning all fans in attendance would receive a coupon for a free chalupa at Taco Bell. Life was good and so were the Diamondbacks. A third of the way up in section 133 stood two fans wearing Los Angeles Dodgers jerseys and hats. They were standing there...

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Baseball, Birthdays, Baxter, and Baltimore

There was a lot to look forward to at today’s game. It was the culmination of Interleague play for 2007 which just can’t come soon enough for my tastes. It is an opportunity for the Diamondbacks to make up some ground on their National League Western Division opponents who all had tough series finales. With the Diamondbacks having a share of the division lead, this was extremely exciting. And finally, it was an opportunity to...

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Fireworks, Hernandez Doesn’t

Today marked game two of the three game Interleague series against the Baltimore Orioles. After the fiasco of last night’s game I had no idea what to expect. Going into this series I felt pretty good about our chances especially for game one which featured Diamondbacks ace Brandon Webb. Never would I have anticipated that the Diamondbacks would commit 3 errors in one inning and give the lowly Baltimore Orioles a four-run lead. To a...

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Baltimore Part Deux

After my well deserved day off yesterday I was ready for the Diamondbacks season to begin again. Twenty-four hours without Diamondbacks baseball is just about 23 hours more than I can stand. Today marks the beginning of the end of Interleague play for 2007 with a three game series against the visiting Baltimore Orioles. The series is a repeat from last weekend when the Diamondbacks visited Camden Yard. During that season the Diamondbacks had...

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