As I have written on numerous occasions, Barry Bonds is the most celebrated and most hated player in the game today. It is interesting to see the reaction of fans when Bonds arrives on the field. Part of those in attendance will stand and cheer and celebrate the fact that they may be seeing one of the greatest players to play in this era. Others in attendance will sand and venomously boo and malign the fact that they may be seeing one of the greatest cheaters to ever play the game. There does not seem to be any middle ground when it comes to Mr. Bonds. His personality seems to alienate all but his strongest supporters and he doesn’t seem to care. You have to give him credit for the apathy that he displays. People screaming at him, booing incessantly and questioning both him and his family heritage and he never even acknowledges the sounds. Now with the San Francisco Giants in town for three games I wondered whether Barry’s presence would result in a larger than normal attendance figure and if so were people interested in the possibility of Barry breaking the record or was this like when motorists have to stop and see the results of a horrible automobile accident.

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