Another home stand is in the books and the Diamondbacks have packed up for an east coast Interleague road trip through New York and Baltimore. With today being an off-day with no Diamondbacks game whatsoever; I am somewhat at a loss of what to do with all of my “spare time”. Trina of course has a lot of solutions for my time management dilemma but I am trying hard to ignore her promptings. I just finished dealing with 3 days of Boston Red Sox fans; the last thing I want to deal with is a crack-carrying plumber under my bathroom sink. A guy can deal with just so much ugliness before he has to draw the line. If I have to see that hanging out I’ll be spending next year’s season ticket money on mental therapy. I think today is best reserved for reflecting upon what was the most recent home stand which included 3 games against the San Francisco Giants and the first 3 Interleague games of the 2007 season with the Boston Red Sox. So without further adieu I give you my State of the Home Stand address for June 5 through June 10.

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