And the Darkness Begins

At some point in the season this is bound to happen, the Diamondbacks will leave for a road trip. Usually this means that I will not be going to Chase Field for a few days. This time the road trip is a little more extensive. After an abysmal series where the Dodgers took three of four leaving the Diamondbacks looking up at both the Dodgers and the Padres in the standings; the team is now out of town until after the All-Star break. The mere typing of that makes my blood run cold and causes me to break out in a cold sweat. It is not just the thought of no home games that leaves me breathless; it is the fear of what Trina may have me do with this many days between home games. I’ve seen the way she wields a honey-do list. No good can possibly come from nearly two weeks without going to a Diamondbacks game.

I often wonder what goes on at Chase Field during the season when the team is out of town. I somehow envision little baseball fairies descending into the stadium where they sprinkle pixie dust on the base paths while druids work hand-in-hand with the grounds crew restoring balance and greenery to the grass. Elves then emerge from their hollow trees and skip along the concourses spreading their magic to each of the concession stands preparing them for when the humans return. At one time I thought that leprechauns filled the Team Shop with treasures for us to find when the gates to the stadium once again flew open but then I thought that was just silly. Why would there be leprechauns in the team shop? There are not enough green items for leprechauns; hobbits or dwarves maybe but not leprechauns. I really have no other explanation that seems plausible since every time I go through the turnstiles it seems magical.

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