Father’s Day

Earlier this week Trina had asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day. She and the kids were having a difficult time coming up with ideas and were therefore asking if I could make a list. Trina alluded to the fact that I am difficult to buy for. How in the world could she ever say that? I am about the easiest guy to buy for. All it really takes is going into my closet and reviewing my selection of Sedona Red merchandise then going to the Team Shop and comparing what they have on the racks against what I have in my closet. Any gaps between these two locations would equal gift ideas. A similar exercise could be done for any other merchandise that the team shop sells. If she wanted to shop online all she really needed to know was first look at diamondbacks.com under the shop heading and if she could not find what she was looking for go to Google and search for “Diamondbacks merchandise” and let the surfing begin. These answers did not seem to meet her needs and she insisted on me making a list.

So armed with a pad and paper I came up with the following:

  1. Nike or Under Armor Sedona Red undershirt (see June 2007 issue of D-backs Insider Magazine for example)
  2. Personalization on black authentic jersey
  3. Sedona Red and Black wind breaker to replace purple and teal wind breaker so I am not embarrassed when I meet someone from the Diamondbacks front office
  4. Baseball autographed by the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks (I always have to put one impossible thing on the list just to make her think)
  5. Renew Diamondbacks season tickets for 2008 (this is not the impossible thing on the list)
  6. Diamondbacks license plate cover for new plate
  7. Diamondbacks hitch cover for trailer hitch
  8. Finish Seat Cushions 2.0 (this is beginning to seem like the impossible thing on the list)
  9. New Diamondbacks hat that I don’t have (challenge but not impossible)

Given that list I was really looking forward to Father’s Day. It was hopefully going to be a Sedona Red letter day if the list had any bearing whatsoever. The kids gathered around and with them came gifts. I opened the gift from Dakota and found a new carving knife with a note “Dad, when I bought this the Yankees had swept the Diamondbacks and I was afraid you might use this to commit suicide but now that the team has swept the Orioles I think it is safe to give it to you. Whitney and Mallorie both gave me books on getting back into shape. Nothing quite says I love you like your kids telling you that you are fat and not eating right. Tiffany gave me a USB flash drive to store my blog entries and software as I travel (definitely something I needed and it doesn’t require me to change my diet or my exercise routine). I love my kids but I wondered where my parenting skills had gone wrong since none of them adhered to the Sedona Red theme of the holiday. Trina had one last gift for me. I opened it up to find a black Diamondbacks hat with a Sedona Red brim. I had never seen this hat before so it was definitely list compliant. The card was handmade and Sedona Red and black with the Diamondbacks logo. It was the coolest thing I ever seen. Inside each of the kids had written a small note. Along with it came $60 and a note that said the Diamondbacks had been out of town so therefore they didn’t have access to the Team Shop. Use the money to buy something Sedona Red or black. This is an awesome family and I am grateful to be a part of it.

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  1. My son took me to “Playing Catch at Chase Field” event which was a lot of fun. Outside great time each person received a gift bag which included voucher for 2 lower level tickets to future game, t-shirt, bobble head, special baseball, miniature bat and a coupon for a free chicken sandwich. It was a great event to be part of just wish Team Shop would have been open.

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