Flag Day

According to my Hallmark calendar June 14 commemorates Flag Day. Did we run out of famous people so we had to start naming holidays after inanimate objects? And why did we start with a flag? Why isn’t there a pop-top can day or screw-top beer bottle day? Those inventions have done a lot more good than a flag has. One look at the stands at a baseball game will show many more people enjoying the benefits of twisting the top off a beer bottle than waving flags. Sure there will always be exceptions to that rule; Rally Sally is a perfect example of that. Any holiday that supports the notion of a crazy lady waving a flag in front of my face during a ballgame is not something I can get behind. For all I know this is a subversive ploy by terrorists to destroy our national pastime by providing a holiday to recognize insane dancing women in the upper deck who make their own flags. That is just wrong. Still, my Hallmark calendar has never led me astray before so I did have to respect that. I decided that maybe I just didn’t understand Flag Day so I decided to do a little research on the subject and what better place than Wikipedia?

According to Wikipedia, “There are two recognized definitions of the term ‘Flag Day’. The first definition is used to designate a day to fly a flag of a certain area, mostly that of nations; the second definition is used to designate a day set aside to honor an event specifically involving a national flag (e.g. creation/adoption).” In the United States the date set aside for this was June 14 when the second continental congress adopted the stars and stripes as the flag of the United States.

That is all well and good but I wondered whether or not the celebration had be stem from an event involving a nation’s flag or could it be something else. Since 1998 I have owned a purple and teal Arizona Diamondbacks flag that proudly is displayed on a flag pole mounted to the eves of my garage. At one time I also had a black Diamondbacks flag. Each home game I would fly the purple flag and each road trip I would fly the black flag. It became a constant reminder to me of whether I needed to go to the ballpark or not. When the Diamondbacks changed their colors to Sedona Red and Black I had to retire my trusty Diamondbacks classics flag. For this entire season my neighbors have been completely lost since they never knew whether the team was in town or not. It has been complete chaos. I wish I had a dime for every time one of the neighbors asked me if I was going to a game or not. The reason for this question is that they don’t have a flag to tell them when a game is scheduled. In a sense I feel like I am letting the entire community down by not flying my flag. If I am anything I am community minded (unless there is a game). I think it is my civic duty to help those residents of our neighborhood to know when there is a game and whether it is home or away. Tonight I am going shopping for two new Diamondbacks flags. One Sedona Red and one black with the new logo. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a flag after all every store should be carrying them because it’s Flag Day.

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