Is This Wrigley Field?

For the second time in eight days the Arizona Diamondbacks played host to an afternoon game at Chase Field. Most of the time games begin at 6:40 PM allowing fans a chance to get home from work before traveling to downtown Phoenix to attend a game. Sometimes we find ourselves with an afternoon game when it is “getaway day” and teams are flying out for the east coast. This is the first time that I can remember when that has occurred in just over a week. I had to check my surroundings and make sure I had not somehow been teleported into an alternate universe where the Diamondbacks were now playing in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

An afternoon game is a great change of pace and allows me to spend some quality time with Dakota since at ten he rarely has anything going on in the afternoon and therefore is the prime candidate to accompany me to the game. On the one hand it is nice since you still have the evening to look forward to after the game. Unless of course the Diamondbacks lose then you have all evening to lament about how the game went and what could have been done differently that could have affected the outcome. On the other hand with temperatures now well above the century mark there is no way that the game will be played with the roof opened and the sun someone would spontaneously burst into flames by about the fifth inning (third inning if Doug Davis is pitching since he works a little more deliberately). Even with the roof closed though there are reminders that it is an afternoon game. As the gates open I see a lot more fans wearing business attire than normal. I made a note to myself to check the team shop to see what kind of Sedona Red Diamondbacks neckties they have. The stands also filled slower than normal. I attribute this to a lot of people trying to finish that last bit of work in the office before escaping to the cool and relaxing environment of Chase Field. Everyone would need that relaxing atmosphere though because the game ended just in time for the fans in attendance to join the rush hour congestion on the freeways leaving the stadium. Yeah this could very easily be downtown Chicago rather than downtown Phoenix. The only things missing are ivy colored walls, really bad renditions of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, a goat, and 35,000 alcohol impaired fans with a look of desperation after their team just lost yet another game. Oh wait, we have that last one.

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