So What’s It Going to Be?

Over the brief 9 year history of the Arizona Diamondbacks, June has not been a month filled with fond memories. The team has had a tendency to how shall we say this delicately, fall apart. The first two months of the season are always filled with hopes that this year will be the year that we’ll get into the play-offs. These hopes are usually based on the fact that the Diamondbacks are at or near the top of their division and in the thick of the wild card race. Then in 30 short days a glance at the standings show the Diamondbacks falling through the standings like a Brandon Webb sinker. There is typically some sort of trigger mechanism that causes the slide and you can totally get why they are suddenly looking up at the divisional leaders. That doesn’t make it less frustrating though.

On the surface it seems like a single anomaly that affects only this year but if we look back at a accumulation of all the seasons we can see that June is not the best month for the Diamondbacks.

Year Wins Losses PCT
1998 12 15 .444
1999 12 14 .462
2000 12 15 .444
2001 13 12 .520
2002 13 13 .500
2003 20 6 .769
2004 9 17 .346
2005 9 19 .321
2006 8 20 .286

This gives the Arizona Diamondbacks a 108-131 record for June which equates to a .452 winning percentage. In the nine years of their existence they have had only three seasons where their record was .500 or above and those happened consecutively from the World Series 2001 season through 2003 which saw the first youth movement “baby backs” era when the team began the longest winning streak in franchise history only to fade later. You would have expected the abysmal 2004 season that saw the Diamondbacks lose a franchise record 111 games to be the worst but not so. That distinction goes to last year when the Diamondbacks won only 8 games during June. So as the calendar turns to that dreaded sixth month we’re left wondering whether this might be the year that the losing streak is broken for the month and will we still be battling for a share of the National League Western Division title. We can only hope that through global warming that weather patterns will change and Phoenix won’t see a recurrence of the “June Swoon”.

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