T-Minus 24 Hours

In one of those rare times when the planets all align and the stars change their orbits; the Arizona Diamondbacks are not playing. It is not just that they are not playing at Chase Field. No, they are not playing period. It is during these types of days that I usually will get someone stop me and ask how I can possibly cope with the fact that my team is not playing. I am not exactly sure what they are expecting to hear. I half wonder whether they think I am some sort of addict who goes through withdrawals and begin violently shaking uncontrollably when my team is not on the field. No, that doesn’t happen. They have medications for that now so I don’t have to worry about those side effects any longer. So I try to cope the best I can with the notion of no baseball with a few activities I have accumulated through the years.

First, I have the 2001 World Series DVD that I can pop in and relive the magical championship season. When that is over I will usually follow that up with the Fox Sports DVD of Randy Johnson’s perfect game against the Atlanta Braves. That is always good for a few goose bumps and a laugh as Robby Hammock jumps up and down out to the mound to hug Randy at the end of the game.

Over the first nine seasons I have accumulated more than a few photographs at the games. I have a stack of pictures that I can look through to remind me of what the ballpark looks like on the inside. This season these have been especially helpful as I can use them to try and see what things have changed and what things remain to be changed

In nine plus years the kids have been able to get a few baseballs at the games we have attended. Some of these are foul balls that were caught in our seats, some come from retrieving baseballs during batting practice, and some are from the players tossing them into the stands for the kids. In all we probably have well over 300 baseballs from Bank One Ballpark/Chase Field. These are typically strung all over the house and so on off days like today I am usually tasked with getting them all back in one place so that Trina will quit complaining that baseball and the Diamondbacks are overtaking the whole house. In a sense, I guess you could call me a baseball wrangler.

Finally, there is the unenviable task of having to dust the 20 some-odd bobble head dolls, the autographed baseballs, the stadium seats, the photos and pennants that adorn our family room wall otherwise known as the shrine. That in and of itself is an all day job but I don’t mind. I just think of it as having my own mini Hall of Fame. Me and the Hall of Fame have a lot in common. We are short on space, long on artifacts, and both of us won’t allow Pete Rose to touch our stuff.

So as you can see, I have plenty to do. Mostly though I just sit around and check the clock and countdown to when the gates to Chase Field open and I can go to another game.

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