The Not-So Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Yesterday I spoke a little bit about my interaction with the psychologist and his obsession with baseball. I wasn’t completely accurate with my description. Not all of the answers came back “baseball”, there was one question that was different. When the psychologist said “Satan” my answer was “Derek Jeter”. The psychologist was taken aback by my answer. It was unclear whether he was surprised to find a question that did not result in the answer “baseball” or that I mentioned the Yankees shortstop. But after a brief discussion he completely understood my reasoning and nodded in agreement. I am not saying that Derek Jeter is in fact the actual Satan, he might be his son. It is not that I hate Derek Jeter; it is just that I think he is highly over-rated and over-saturated from a marketing standpoint. The marketing perspective was expanded when Major League Baseball and XM Radio came up with their latest promotion.

For those kids who just don’t have enough time to call their dad on Father’s Day; XM Radio in conjunction with Major League Baseball offers this service. You can have a recorded message delivered to dear old dad by one of three current/former baseball players. Your dad could get a call from the iron man himself, Cal Ripken Jr. who will wish him the best on his day. If the former Oriole is not dad’s favorite perhaps he would like a call from Big Papi himself, David Ortiz who can call dad in either English or Spanish. Having lived through the ordeal of a three game series against the Boston Red Sox I can vouch for Papi’s fan appeal. I am sure there are literally tens of thousands of dads who would love that call. If neither of those two appeals, you can always have the Yankees captain call dad and wish him the best. I can think of nothing that would get my kids grounded faster than to blow me off and instead send Derek Jeter in their place. I’ve seen the kind of support he offered when his teammate Alex Rodriguez was having problems with the fans or his family. Jeter did what he does best; get as far away from the problem as he possibly can. It would be kind of funny if we could somehow have the taped Jeter call A-Rod and wish him a happy father’s day from his son. Why stop with just Father’s day though? Why not have players record messages for all kinds of events. You could have A-Rod call and tell your wife you have been unfaithful. Maybe we could get Barry Bonds to call and remind you that you have an appointment to see your trainer or don’t forget to refill your prescription. You could even have Raphael Palmeiro call to send his condolences about losing your job or Pete Rose could call and remind you about the weekly gamblers anonymous meeting. The opportunities abound. This could become bigger than eBay and Major League Baseball is on the ground floor. I only hope that they can see the potential of this product offering. I thought it was interesting that all of the celebrity voices came from American League teams. I guess they figured people in that league are used to using designates so it would not be too much of a stretch. National League fans are more purists and expect that kids will call for themselves. It would be hard for a child to make the hall of fame if they didn’t call for themselves.

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