The Perfect Anniversary

Twenty-six years ago today I married the woman of my dreams. We had dated throughout high school and into our college years. She was not only the woman I loved but also my best friend. We could share anything and had many of the same interests and hobbies. Sure there were differences like I could never understand what she saw in shopping for material or how she got so excited when she developed a new scrapbooking layout and I am not quite sure whether she fully understood my passion for baseball. But those differences made us appreciate each other all the more. Last year was a milestone year of sorts as it marked a quarter of a century that we had been married. Funny, it seems like a lot longer than that but I would never dare say that out loud where Trina could hear that. To commemorate the accomplishment of surviving 25 years Trina and the kids planned a trip to Orlando Florida for an extended stay at Walt Disney World. Normally I am excited about the fact that I would be staying at a nice resort without a care in the world and have free reign to the second happiest place on earth (they claim to be the Happiest Place on Earth but they obviously have never been to Chase Field). This trip though left me in a conundrum. The trip was planned before the 2006 Diamondbacks schedule had been released and it overlapped a home stand by 2 days. I had a serious dilemma on my hands. Do I go with my wife and celebrate 25 years together or do I stay here and go to a couple of Interleague games against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? Sure it may seem like a no-brainer but how was I going to explain to my wife why I wanted to stay here?

I tried every persuasive argument I could think of as to why I should stay home and go to the Diamondbacks game. Trina did not seem to buy into any of them. Her answer was always the same, “I think you should be able to miss a few games when it comes to our anniversary.” As a Diamondbacks fan I was walking along a pretty small ledge. On the one hand any miscalculation and I would fall of the ledge of being a diehard fan. On the other hand any miscalculation or statement and Trina would shove me off the ledge. At one point I came precariously close to meeting certain doom when Trina stated, “I would think this would be an easy decision. After all, the Diamondbacks never take care of you when you are sick.” My reply of, “yes but you’ve never won a World Series title or let me throw out the first pitch” was met with a frosty stare.

In the end I made the ultimate sacrifice and missed two games to be with Trina and the family in Disney World. It was two of the most difficult days of my life. I did find replacement fans who would attend the game in my place and I gave them specific duties that they had to fulfill in my place. For the whole trip I worried whether these replacement fans would fulfill the duties I had assigned. It worked out in the end but I still feel the pain of missing those two games.

Now here we are a year later and this time I refused to make any travel commitments until after the Diamondbacks schedule was released. That was a smart move on my part since a new home stand began on our anniversary. As Trina began making plans for our special day I quickly reminded her of my sacrifice from last season and suggested that perhaps it was my time to choose what we would do for our anniversary. She gave me a sideward glance but finally agreed with the stipulation that it had to be something nice. Well duh, who does she think she is talking to? Of course I would make it something nice. What would be nicer than the Diamondbacks versus the Tampa Bay Devil Rays? Both of these teams came into the league on the same day so they had a bond that reached beyond league boundaries. Besides, the Devil Rays are the only team that the Diamondbacks had never beaten. It would be exciting and potentially historic. And I had not forgotten about the “nice” stipulation when it came to dinner either. I know how much Trina loves Hungry Hill Sausage so I planned on getting her a polish sausage fully loaded. I would even throw in an order of nachos just because I love her. As for a gift, I had really outdone myself. I am going to take her to the team shop and let her pick out anything that she wants. This was going to be sweet! I had thought about having her name put up on the JumboTron wishing her a happy anniversary but I thought that may be too much with everything else going on. Besides, I need to save something for when we are married 30 years. Yeah this was going to be unforgettable. If you ask me this would be the perfect anniversary.

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