Posts made in July, 2007

The Trading Deadline Blues

Ah the trading deadline, what a fun time during the season that is. Every baseball fan believes themselves to be a General Manager as they assess their favorite team and suggest scenarios that will bring the missing piece to the ball club that will catapult the team into the play-offs. Starting just before all-star break those inside and outside of baseball try to determine which teams will be selling off talent and which teams will be looking...

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State of the Home Stand Address – July 23-29

The Arizona Diamondbacks have set off on a very important six-game road trip through the National League West where they will face the two teams closest to them in the standings. After a day off today they begin a three game series against the San Diego Padres followed by a three game series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Before we get wrapped up in the hoop-la of this road trip, let’s look back on this past home stand as I provide you...

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Being Brave

The Arizona Diamondbacks quite literally limped into the All-Star break having lost 7 of their final 8 games before the mid-summer classic. It looked as though youth and inexperience was taking its toll on the team and many baseball insiders began to write off the team and suggested that they begin looking at 2008. When games resumed for the second half of the season their assessment seemed sound as the Diamondbacks lost 5 of their first 8...

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An Odd Bobble

When the promotional schedule for the 2007 season was announced my kids gathered around to pick their favorite giveaway. I found it kind of sad that they were basing their game attendance upon what cool things they could get as they entered the stadium. My theory was to get them to the game regardless of the reasoning and maybe, just maybe they would become more knowledgeable baseball fans. The kids were extremely animated to find that there...

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Attack of the Clones

In a 1964 episode of the Flintstones, aliens land on earth and decide to clone an earthling releasing androids to attempt to take over the planet. The earthling they choose is Fred Flintstone and soon 10 exact replicas of “Fred” are running around Bedrock causing all kinds of havoc. The alien plans don’t work out as they can’t seem to figure out the bizarre behavior of the human species and end up abandoning their plan....

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A Dark Day in Chalupa-ville

For the majority of the 2007 season scoring runs has been a real challenge for the Arizona Diamondbacks especially at Chase Field. Through 103 games which would include last night’s game the Diamondbacks had averaged just over 4 runs per game. On the surface this average doesn’t seem too bad but the numbers are somewhat skewed due to the fact that Arizona has scored 9 runs on Tuesday and 7 runs last night. This should come as much...

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Always an Interesting Time

Going to a Diamondbacks game is always an interesting proposition. You never quite know what is going to happen or who you are going to meet. For the most part the seats that are around us in Section 132 are made up of Season Ticket holders so after a few games you begin to see a pattern of who you will be sitting next to. What is somewhat surprising to me is the number of these season ticket holders who share their seats among a group of...

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Birthday Barry’s Party Plans

Remember when you were a kid and there were three holidays that you always looked forward to? There was of course Christmas where you had expectations of hitting the gift jackpot between relatives and of course Santa Claus. There was the fourth of July which gave you a legal reason to play with explosive devices and typically ended when you blew up something you probably didn’t mean to (hey, that was my story when I was 10 and I am not...

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A New Beginning

Tonight’s game marks the third Diamondbacks Opening Day that I will have attended this season. The first was when I went to Denver to watch the first game of the 2007 season against the Colorado Rockies. The pageantry and excitement were over the top with giant flags unfurled in the outfield accompanied by representatives from each branch of the armed forces and an amazing fireworks display. The second Opening Day for 2007 occurred in...

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